You Be The Ghost In My Show, I'll Be Your Zyuest In Your Show

After watching this week's Zyuohger and Kamen Rider Ghost as subbed by Over-Time subs, I'll give some of my thoughts on this year's crossover. We've had Kamen Rider Decade having the Shinkenger for two straight episodes, now I'll share my thoughts on them ghosting and zyuesting on each other's shows.

"I Saw A Ghost!"

The first half is with Zyuohger's show where Takeru Tenkuji becomes the ghost of that show (pun intended like the title). The main plot of the episode involves Kubar playing a new game with the others. Amu gets merged with a Moeba soldier and Tusk is in a dilemma. The rest of the Zyuohgers now face a Shocker mutant that maybe only much older fans of Kamen Rider will recognize. So just think a parent watching Zyuohger with their children might say, "Kids, that's a monster from my childhood."

Takeru appears to help the others to handle the Shocker mutant. They both introduce each other but too bad Amu and Tusk weren't there. After the Shocker mutant is defeated, we see Naria enlarge the Shocker mutant at Ginis' command. Takeru sees the Zyuoh Wild in action (next week, we'll see it in action with Zyuoh King) against the enlarged Shocker monster. That's quite a shock there (no pun intended) since Kamen Riders hardly use giant monsters except in a few situations like some of Great Leader's decoys in the past. Takeru then disappears concluding his role as the ghost of your show.

"Appearance! The Mysterious Warrior!"

The second half only has Yamato appearing to help Takeru out of the situation. In the Ghost episode, a revived Porcupine Mutant appears and starts to collect people as potential recruits of a newly revived version of Shocker. The main plot though involves Makoto and Alain. Yamato appears, does a jump kick (that's something we're missing since ToQGer to Ninninger with the cast doing some of their stunts) to assist Kamen Rider Ghost where there seems to be a break of the fourth wall moment with their sube swords. Duh, it's Bandai designing the toys for Toei's list of intellectual properties!

What I found really badass in this crossover is the combination of techniques. During the Shinkenger/Decade crossover, we see both Decade and Shinken Red combine their techniques to defeat the Kamen Riderized version of Chinomarako. Here we see them do an air attack for a change to defeat the revived Porcupine Mutant. Also in this movie, we see glimpses for the upcoming Kamen Rider 1 movie where an elderly Hiroshi Fujioka will become a version of his character on steroids (?!). So how will the Kamen Rider 1 movie be? Will the Zyuohger also appear? Hmmmm.... we'll just have to wait and see.


  1. What I find disturbing is the KR #1 movie's placement here. In the movie, Specter is there; yet as of now, he is not. So yeah, it happens after Makoto's reappearance? :/


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