My Thoughts On Zyuohger's Plot Development From Episodes 10-11

After watching the two episodes of Zyuohger and it's not just a toy commercial like the previous episodes. So there are others doing episode by episode reviews which I won't do copy/paste and I may not be able to commit myself to it. But the past two episodes somehow started to give me pieces of nostalgia and something fresh... or not. Can't really tell what's going on but I'm really optimistic even after Kyoryuger, ToQGer and Ninninger were really failing to impress me.

Considering the events that Genis decides to participate in the game in some way, he releases a new sick game. He decides to throw his own blood game perhaps tired of the constant failures of his generals.

The whole city is covered in a life threatening dome. The Zyuohgers must find the switch which will soon destroy the city if they don't find it. The characters started to develop as they must choose between their personal lives and others. They find the switch only to find out something's wrong.

The android known as G.I.F.T. shows up and reveals itself to be more powerful than you can imagine. It goes on  a bloody rampage that becomes the strongest enemy yet. It grows giant defeating all their mecha and now comes another important key character.

The Eagle Zyuman (his name isn't revealed yet) acted by Kohei Murakami shows up. Why he hates his own world of Zyuland is still not known. He was the one who gave Yamato his power to become Zyuoh Eagle. Why he did that wasn't known yet. How he will develop the story is not yet known.

Finally a new mecha combining all the previous mecha available happens. I was expecting this to happen considering this is modern Super Sentai. So we have all the Zyuohgers piloting this new robot known as Wild Zyuoh King. 

 The finishing move feels like some reference to Gaoranger's roar finisher except it's a beefed up version. While I still think the mecha in Zyuohger aren't well-designed or awkward looking, the show's writing and execution makes up for it.