Sentai Badass Moment: Kyousuke's Test Of Leadership

After watching Carranger for some time, I thought that the show had some really badass action. Turboranger had some badass action but I felt Carranger may have taken it to another level. 

The mission was to recover RV Robo after they had VRV Robo. Gynamo resumes command and has used RV Robo to defeat the Carrangers. In this episode, the monster of the week Z.Z. Gyuri was tasked to grab some cucumber kimchi for de-facto leader Zonette.

Barging in by yourself to free your previous mecha from enemy control? Well that's not so new but still good. We've seen a lot of red rangers from both Super Sentai and Power Rangers who attempted that and lived to tell the tale.

One of the biggest, most risky fight scenes. I mean, this is too risky. One wrong move and Kyousuke/Red Racer could be killed.

After losing his sword, he beats off Z.Z. Gyuri dropping the latter off. The bomb attached to RV Robo is also dropped as well. It seemingly beats Z.Z. Gyuri but he returns to be enlarged. VRV Robo makes quick work out of him, though.