Super Hero Taisen Series May Be Better Off As A Video Game Series Than A Film Series

After watching Zyuohger's villains doing the Blood Game, some entries of the Super Hero Taisen film series and remembering the Super Robot Wars series gave me the thought that the Super Hero Taisen film series is better off as a video game series than a movie series. The Super Hero Taisen film series really ticks me off execution-wise but idea-wise, the concepts are really not bad at all! Creating what may be considered as the "VS. Universe" for the crossover series might as well create a Super Hero Taisen Universe exclusive to the video games.

The concept of Super Hero Taisen film series is better off in a video game. A single movie is NEVER enough to fully explore the ideas that were presented in each and every entry. Patrick Star should've said, "We should get all the Super Sentai and Kamen Riders and put them into one video game." instead of putting them into one movie. The Super Hero Taisen films really had some creative ideas like what if we had a civil war of Super Sentai fans and Kamen Rider fans, what if Earth was in the danger of Space Shocker, what if we had a Kamen Rider racing Prix, a civil war of Kamen Rider fans from both Showa and Heisei era... those were ideas that could have been explored better in a video game than a single movie. This means no need to bring back older actors because one can always have a younger version of the older heroes on paper or digital media in contrast to real life.

Super Hero Taisen with civil war plots

After watching Super Hero Taisen's first movie, I felt like that if it were a game then it could have taken ideas from Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2: Civil War where you had to sides between Captain America or Iron Man. Just imagine if you had a video game where you had to choose sides between either Captain Marvelous/Gokai Red or Tsukasa Kadoya/Kamen Rider Decade in this civil war. Maybe they could have the Toku hero registration act plot or it's some kind of weird time warp that caused a civil war between both Kamen Riders and Super Sentai. All the while, there's Dai-Zangyack and Dai-Shocker to think about as common enemies during the civil war.

Then we could have Showa vs. Heisei Era done in more or less the same format of a civil war type of game. This time, it's choosing sides between Takeshi Hongo or Yuusuke Godai in the civil war between Showa Riders and Heisei Riders. In this plot, we have both sides facing off against the newly revived Badan or Shocker Army with villains from other Kamen Rider seasons while there are misunderstandings between both eras. You might end up fighting other Kamen Riders as well during the whole civil war.

Project Aegis style plot

While watching Super Hero Taisen Z, it's freaking Project Aegis? Super Hero Taisen Z had the plot involving the newer generation Gavan, Sharivan and Shaider. The plot involved Space Shocker which was using some kind of magic that was harming the galaxy. I thought that all those plots could be better elaborated in a video game like searching for other alternatives than destroying the Earth. It could have expanded the Go-Busters, Kyoryuger, Wizard and others' involvement. Maybe the game can also involve a revived version of either Don Horror, Demon King Psycho or Kubilai as the game's main villain. In this game. the Space Sheriffs face the dilemma of a revived Big Bad who's now plotting a decades-long revenge against them.

Super Sentai Wars or Kamen Rider Wars

Like many Marvel-based video games that make plots outside of the comics continuity, one may consider cramming in all Super Sentai series or Kamen Rider series into one huge game. Kamen Rider had a game involving Kamen Rider Agito and other previous riders. There was a Space Sheriffs game as well. But what I really thought was what if we had a bigger game involved with not just a few selected plots.

The games can have several entries independent from each other in a series of what ifs. I could imagine some selected Super Sentai series or Kamen Rider series crammed into one year and one setting, villains and heroes dying differently like they do in Super Robot Wars. You can have a lot of different ways heroes and villains could die in contrast to their series proper. Like one may end up seeing Gai Yuki dying in glorious battle instead of the way he died in Jetman or Ahames dying in leading an ambush against the heroes before she does a kamikazee attack. This can also lead to a lot of possible teamups and double crossing.

For the Super Sentai Wars idea the chapters may involve fighting against human-sized monsters in one and another will involve giant robots. The giant robots would be a nod to Super Robot Wars. You may even have several giant monsters and enemy giant robots involved like Gran Neziros fighting side by side with King Megas. Kamen Rider would end up getting stuck with mostly human-sized monsters except for a few instances where giant-sized monsters were actually involved.

Possible game formats

You may consider the following formats namely Dynasty Warriors series style of gameplay, Marvel Ultimate Alliance series or Super Robot Wars style of gameplay. Each one of them has their pros and cons. Marvel Ultimate Alliance's style of gameplay allows you to control one character with three computer-controlled allies. Super Robot Wars on the other hand can put several characters at once taking turns in defeating the enemy units giving you time to think of your next attack. Dynasty Warriors may not really allow so many players on screen at once. Personally, I think either Marvel Ultimate Alliance's gameplay style or Super Robot Wars' gameplay style will work better.

Still, I really wish these games had an English format for the American audiences. We're seeing certain seasons of Power Rangers dubbed in Japanese (and Dekaranger's cast dubbed Power Rangers SPD cast, Reiko Chiba dubbed Kimberly), Super Sentai is getting official subs for American audiences and Kakuranger's coming out so I don't see any reason not to release these games in English for non-Japanese speakers, right? I guess Banpresto should team up with any American gaming company for the games. If Americans are able to play Rockman as Megaman with hardly a change in the plot between the two versions (except name differences) then I guess Japanese Tokusatsu can receive the same treatment.


  1. Have you tried any of the Kamen Rider Battride games? They're developed by 8ing and are basically Kamen Rider adaptations of the Musou / Dynasty Warriors formula.

    Trailer for Battride War Genesis: [url][/url]

    The plot is that some time-traveling villain goes back in time to kill every Kamen Rider ever, but Den-O and Ghost manage to avoid defeat (because Den-O can also travel through time and Ghost is already dead). Den-O and Ghost then visit the time of every past Kamen Rider to prevent their deaths, and every victory unlocks the rescued Rider as a playable character. With some DLC, Battride Genesis lets you use any Kamen Rider ever. It looks pretty awesome.


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