What I'm Currently Expecting From Zyuohger, Early On

After writing that I'm actually feeling positive for Zyuohger so I might do some weekly or monthly updates on the show (though UkiyaSeed's been beating me to that considering Orends Range is a news blog), but I'd really give my thopughts yet again. It's been just eleven episodes but the show's starting to show some improvement from the last three seasons namely Kyoryuger, ToQGer and Ninninger. The cast may not be the best but I find them better. Yamato's not be the best but at least he's no idiot or attention grabber and even if the rest are naive (because they're stuck in a world not their own) but they're a good cast of characters. Well the sixth ranger is already part of the expectation so I won't discuss much on it.

More of the cast doing a lot of their own stunts and not getting too stuntman reliant. 

Ninninger was a disappointment with how the cast were overly stuntman reliant. It just made me speculate on what Kazunori Inaba/Red Mask said in an interview during Henshin Con. Last Sunday's episode had Leo do some stunts in human form. We saw Yamato do a jump kick in his guest rule in Kamen Rider Ghost. I guess there's a budget this time for the action scenes so the cast doesn't become stunt reliant. Just think back then before Kazuo Niibori unleashed his sword skills, the red rangers in front of him really fought out of suit several times.

More mecha experiments that Gaoranger wasn't able to do

While watching Zyuohger, I felt like rewatching some Gaoranger as well. During Gaoranger, the test of multi-gattai mecha began so there's still some concepts that can be explored further which were redone during Abaranger, Boukenger, Gekiranger, Go-onger, Shinkenger, Goseiger, Gokaiger, Kyoryuger and ToQGer in several ways. Zyuohger has a new concept that allows only three mecha at a time to merge and lately, we've got Zyuoh King and Zyuoh Wild teaming up as a result. I always felt the concept could've been done way back with Boukenger but I wonder why not? Also, we've got other Cube Animals becoming weapons to finish off the foes (Tetraboy from Jetman anyone?!) so what combinations will be have soon?

More plot development and backstory for Zyuland

We've seen Larry the Gorilla and the Eagle Zyuman that gave Yamato his power. I really am hoping that we'd see Zyuland's story expanded to some extent. Like we might actually see how Zyuland existed and why it existed.

Deathgaliens' exploits to be revealed as well as their origins

I felt like the Deathgaliens would probably need some more backstory as their deadly game progresses by. There's always the tendency for Tokusatsu not to full explain origins of villains or sometimes they do or why they do what they do. Maybe sooner or later, we might see victims from planets they've hunted down. After doing some rewatch, I always felt like that certain Super Sentai shows never told you how he existed or how so and so became evil.

More involvement in what I call the "VS. Universe"

Ever since Gokaiger, I really speculated that Toei ended up creating the crossover universe considering most VS. Movies have events that contradict the series involved. Way back in the past, most Super Sentai series were self-contained continuities. Instead, we might be seeing this "VS. Universe" or maybe better called as the "What If Universe" expand considering Gokaiger is a series where all 34 Super Sentai series before it are part of its continuity. Then we saw the Super Hero Taisen series which I thought should've been a video game series instead of a movie series. I guess we're probably going to see Zyuohger vs. Super Sentai hopefully with more older cast involved. While I don't expect many returning guest stars to resume their trademark Super Sentai roles like Gokaiger did (it's not like as if this series was intended to do so) but I hope we'll see more involvement in the VS. Universe.

More Super Sentai alumni doing guest roles

Super Sentai shows tend to have guest roles where actors play a different character. I could still remember a few like Kazunori Inaba guest starring in Fiveman and Dairanger as two different characters. Boukenger had Takeru Shibaki and Mike Makai having a guest role as members of an underwater civilization. Hurricanger had seven faces for Shurikenger all involving guest roles.