Giving My Early Thoughts On Zyuoh The World

After seeing Zyuohger's 16th and 17th episodes and there's some silliness yet again. I mean are the Deathgaliens somewhat stupid not to know a Zyuman from a mascot? I guess this is really meant to address a message that Super Sentai is primarily aimed for children or just for laughs.

But after some good laughs, there's a creepy scene where the sixth hero is being empowered by what could be three dead Zyumen. I don't know what came into the mind of the producers involved. Granted, it's with Takaaki Utsunomiya who was involved with Shinkenger, Gokaiger, Kamen Rider Wizard and ToQGer so I guess he wanted to add some "cryptic feel". ToQGer was more of a comic show (and a failed one at that) while Shinkenger was a fun show with some occasional nightmare fuel at one way or another. Shinkenger had a few scary scenes so is some degree of nightmare fuel all that necessary? Well maybe yes, maybe no. Carranger and Go-onger were both comic series but a few scenes still had some scary stuff like Exhaus wasn't played for laughs and neither was Prime Minister Yogoschrimaten.

The hero appears to be almost a tribute to Gai Ikari's fusion of the Go-on Gold and Go-on Silver keys. Half of him is gold and half of him is silver. It was done five seasons ago with Gokaiger so I guess there's some anniversary. But he's also empowered by three beasts and two out of three throw back to Shirogane/Gao Silver. Gao Silver's animal icons were wolf, alligator and hammerhead shark. Zyuoh The World has wolf, alligator and well a rhino. In Gaoranger, Gao Rhino was used to redeem the Gao Hunter from Rouki's curse. Hmmm... it's already Gaoranger's 15th anniversary now and the show has the wild animal theme attached to it. While I felt the mecha department wasn't good but the show manages to upgrade Gaoranger's animal concepts since the Zyuohgers' beast modes weren't in Gaoranger. I guess Zyuoh the World seeks to improve Shirogane/Gao Silver's concept in its own way.

Next week, I really can't wait to see how Zyuoh The World's story arc will be and how it will conclude. Just a bit of a list of sixth rangers who fought the rangers before joining in. We had Burai fight the Zyurangers. We had Shirogane possessed by Rouki's spirit prior to joining the current day Gaorangers. We had Eiji struggling with his Ashu half and technically, he fought the Boukengers before becoming Bouken Silver. Hmmm... I just mentioned my favorites from the shows I just mentioned. For Abaranger, we have the appearance of Mikoto Nakadai who was more of an evil ranger and became a last minute sixth ranger. So how's Zyuoh The World going to turn out? I'll just wait and see.


  1. Actually, The World being evil from the start is a tribute in itself to those sixth rangers you mentioned who started in some way similar as him. Not to forget others like Utsusemimaru who was possessed by Dogold before breaking free, regaining himself and becoming KyoryuGold and also Akira Nijino who was a shadow monster called Zaram before becoming ToQ6.

    Though not sixth rangers themselves, other rangers also started evil before turning good. There's the Kasumi siblings who became enemies to the Hurricanegers as the Gouraigers before fighting alongside them. There's also Wolzard who was allied to the Infershia before being saved and later fought with the Magirangers. And then there's Dantetsu Kiryu who briefly formed a pact with the Deboth after he took the mantle of being the second KyoryuSilver, seemingly betraying the Kyoryugers when he was really trying to buy time for them to pinpoint the source of the Earth's True Melody.

    I also have to point one instance when not the ranger himself, but the source of power was evil from the start but was later used for good, as the case of Tobaspino's power wielded first by D to become Deathryuger before being passed to Dai-kun to become the future KyoryuNavy.

    I liked how you pointed the use of the colors as a tribute to GokaiSilver. I also observed that even the helmet and the use of black on the pants was fashioned to Gai's ranger uniform as well (but instead of going Visor Up, Gai's helmet goes down when he powers up to Gold Mode.)

    I am also at the edge of my seat on how this arc will conclude. Questions like how long will he be evil? What else can the writers think of to wreck our heroes? How will he be redeemed? and by whom?

    And also, more questions hanging from the series itself? Will they explore further each of the Zyuohger's background, especially Yamato's parents? How about the backstory of Zyuland and the source of birdman's hatred? And the question I am waiting the most to be answered, are the others gonna have Visor Up modes as well? Are their helmets hiding something there?

  2. (Sorry for doing a second comment!) I almost forgot the RinJyuKen Warriors Rio and Mele were also evil at first before getting their redemption and fighting with the Gekirangers.. So I guess all instances of rangers being evil then turning good were mentioned already!.

    And also one more point bugging me and I hope will be addressed by the writers is that the Deathgaliens are becoming generic villains save for when they introduced GIFT (which I find scary but short-spanned), and now that they created The World. So I assume when The World joins the Zyuohgers, what's next for the Deathgaliens? I hope the unanswered questions will lead to a twist or something grand.. I can't wait, but I will not expect too high as not to disappoint later.

    1. Well, but Rio and Melle are considered as Extra Heroes, not 6th rangers.

    2. Yup, you're right.. they were not. I mentioned them since I was trying to enumerate all those rangers who started evil but then turned good (second paragraph of my first comment) since I see The World as a tribute to them, sixth ranger or not. Thanks for pointing it out though so as to not bring confusion.

      So to enumerate, here are all those heroes so far who turned good after starting as a villain:

      Sixth Rangers
      1. Burai - DragonRanger (Zyuranger)
      2. Shirogane - GaoSilver (Gaoranger)
      3. Mikoto Nakadai - Abarekiller (Abaranger)
      4. Eiji Takaoka - BoukenSilver (Booukenger)
      5. Utsusemimaru - KyoryuGold (Kyoryuger)
      6. Akira Nijino - ToQ6 (ToQger)
      7. Misao Mondo - Zyuoh The World (Zyuohger)

      Main Rangers:
      1. Ikkou Kasumi - Kabutoraiger (Hurricaneger)
      2. Isshu Kasumi - Kuwagaraiger (Hurricaneger)

      Bangai (Extra) Heroes:
      1. Heavenly Saint Blagel - Wolzard (Magiranger)
      2. RinJyuken Warriors - Rio and Mele (Gekiranger)
      3. Dantetsu Kiryu - KyoryuSilver II (Kyoryuger)
      4. Ferocious Knight D/ Dai-kun - Deathryuger/ KyoryuNavy (Kyoryuger)

  3. The action and intensity in this grand 17th episode looks intense as most of the past 6th ranger premier is like "hey it's the 6th Ranger, look at me!!!" It was started in Bioman with Magne Warrior but Magne Warrior was only in two stories and never kept the powers as part of the Bioman when he reverted to good. Giving credit when it's MMPR started the trend and made it quite different from it's superior predecessor. Burai was already corrupt and unstable where as Tommy was made evil because he was both a project and a instrument of destruction. Now TOEI is finally catching up what they did do fully.

    ZyuOh the World (and already his name is rhetorical). He is very closely inspired by Gao Silver and yes 2001 was like yesterday and man did time flies.
    Like Silver he has three animals at his disposal and the wolf is one of his.
    And he has a length inspired weapon.

    But what makes him different is ZyuOh the World can change his mask based on his animal avatars and he has three colors but it is still debatable that his color is primarily Black!

    Unlike Gao Silver ZyuOh the world weapon only has two modes and the fishing rod really count!

    After Burai, this scene stealer won't have a 6 part episode arc but very much 3 to resolve it all. And I think I like this one for sure!


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