How I Felt Empress Meadow Should Have Been Handled In Fiveman's Finale

After watching GoGoFive's finale arc and remembering Fiveman's finale arc, I thought I might bring up the topic of Empress Meadow and Grand Witch Grandienne. So how were both handled in their respective series? What you see might be my severe and harsh criticism of some of Fiveman's weaker sides as a Super Sentai series. Then again, GoGoFive has its own series of weaknesses too. As said, I'm having a much easier time comparing GoGoFive to Fiveman since Lightspeed Rescue has a much different approach with its team members. 

Warning: Spoilers ahead! Read at your own risk!

If you remembered this scene from Fiveman, Vulgyre was revealed to be a living organism disguised as a giant spaceship. Vulgyre went on rampage where Empress Meadow declared herself the queen and Vulgyre the king. But when Vulgyre came in contact with the Sidon flowers, the illusion known as Empress Meadow was destroyed as a result. 

Vulgyre reveals himself as the true ruler of Zone much to the fright of everyone. He then forcibly converts Dordora and Zaza into Rose Dolgin to convert all the Sidon flowers into red roses. He would later use the energy of Chevalier's death as the negative energy he needed to complete his transformation. Vulgyre could only be weakened by the Sidon flowers. It's because they were the very first source of life to spring from a planet he's destroyed. 

Now I noticed some similar yet different scenes between Empress Meadow as a projection vs. Grand Witch Grandienne as the Universe' epitome of negative energy. During Fiveman's near finale episodes, Empress Meadow started to show herself in a more reddish format for some unexplained reason until later. Garoa managed to find some weird energy inside Vulgyre unaware that the vessel itself is really a massive living being that feeds on the life force of planets.

In GoGoFive, Grand Witch Grandienne is negative energy personified. When the ritual to bring her back didn't work well, she became an incomplete version of herself. Later, she absorbs all the negative energy dispersed to complete herself. After the GoGoFive destroyed her body, she reveals herself to be negative energy. She envelops the whole Earth with her dark energy while using Salamandes and Zylpheeza as destruction gods.

I thought the approach could have been done to Meadow. I don't think it was necessary to write off Meadow in favor of Vulgyre. They could have just kept Meadow as the queen or reveal herself to be actually the negative energy of the Universe. She could have just simply used Vulgyre as a destruction god of sorts or maybe forcibly turn Garoa and Chevalier into destruction gods or whatever could work. But keep Meadow as the negative energy of the Universe that would become the sole ruler of she absorbed the death of the 1,000th planet in the Universe. I'd have it that Chevalier's death would allow her to finally spread throughout the whole Earth to destroy it. Or maybe the whole idea Vulgyre is a living creature can be dismissed in exchange for turning Chevalier and Garoa into destruction gods.

We could still use the Sidon flowers for the finale. The Fivemen learn that the Sidon flowers would be able to dispel negative energy because it's the first thing to sprout life from a barren, dead planet that was destroyed by Zone. I would have Empress Meadow envelop the Earth in darkness like Grandienne did in GoGoFive. With the power of the Sidon flowers' positive energy, the Fivemen manage to put their hearts into one with Super Five Robo to release the energy needed to destroy the Galactic Beast Vulgyre. After Vulgyre (or my wish for Garoa and Chevalier to be turned into giant monsters) would be destroyed for good, a scene where Empress Meadow explodes in the atmosphere will conclude the final battle.

Did Hirohisa Soda run out of ideas on how to destroy Empress Meadow that's why she was written off as a mere projection? Maybe yes, maybe no since I don't really know his reasons for writing her off. Fortunately her concept didn't get written off as a projection for other villains like Dai Satan in Zyuranger or Grandienne's final form in GoGoFive.