Not Too Surprising: Three Anthropomorphic Animal Mentors Will Join The Zyouhger Summer Movie

Considering that Zyuohger is an anniversary season, I guess the series now takes place in the VS. Universe instead of being standalone. This does pose some problems because in Super Sentai, dinosaur extinction varied from show to show. Zyuranger has it as Bandora's fault. Abaranger has it that the dinosaurs were merely transported into another dimension so they're not really extinct. Boukenger has it as Hyde Gene's fault. Go-onger has it as Horonderthal's fault. Kyoryuger has it that the virus, cold and heat trio of the Deboss killed the dinosaurs. So I wonder how are events supposedly reconciled in the whole VS. Universe or are they treated the same way as Super Robot Wars games?!

Back to the three mentors and the Zyuohgers. After reading the news from JEFusion that the three anthropomorphic mentors namely Doggie Kruger, Sha Fu and Torin showing up for the movie, I'm not too surprised either. There's some details that one could see when it came to Tokusatsu with anthropomorphic animal allies. Let's take a review shall we?

Dekaranger had a couple of anthropomorphic animals who came from other planets. It's not just Doggie Kruger but we had Numa-O from the Planet Horus and Gyoku Rou the original Deka Red. Sgt. Bunta also looks like some kind of ape. The show also featured guest aliens who were anthropomorphic animals. But the idea wasn't all that confined in Dekaranger. We had seen some of them making cameo scenes in the Space Sheriff Trilogy and if I'm not wrong they also appear in Spielban and Juspion. Some monsters in Super Sentai were in fact anthropomorphic animals.

Gekiranger featured the Fist Saints. They were once human but they lost their human appearances after they used some techniques. Granted that Gekiranger uses both wild animals theme (Gaoranger) and Dairanger's martial arts, I guess that's why the Fist Saints appeared. Master Sha Fu appears as the Gekiranger's instructor while Miki Masaki is the highest ranking official in the organization.

I guess Zyuohger wanted to explore the idea of anthropomorphic animals by creating Zyuland and the Zyumen. Will we get some VS. Universe explanation to how Zyuland came to be in the movie? Will more mysteries to why Zyumen type creatures exist be explained? I guess some stuff

What are your thoughts on this matter?


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  2. As a anniversary series, ZyuOhger has not even did any special guest appearance and throwing in the three animal mentors in past Sentai series is to excite fans???

    Gaoranger did the 5 assorted members in the Vs. movie. Boukenger had series retrospective and also did the 5 assorted members in Vs. movie.

    Gokaigers gave it to us in gathering as much "Legends" as they can fit and that was the treat and TOEI outdid themselves with that one.

    Though ZyuOhgers is suppose to be a better series then the previous after 2012 they just don't attract my hype.

    However Ninninger did have actual legends from other series even they added Jiraiya from the 1988 series.

    As the year is half over two weeks from now, we still have till December to see what is the 2017 series.

    Already I am getting too old!


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