So What's Up With Zyuoh The World?

Zyuohger has been a very enjoyable treat to the point I'm not that excited for Kamen Rider Ghost's next episode (I'd watch Kamen Rider Kiva over it). I'll admit, this week's episode was The World's redemption but we're yet to see him officially as a sixth ranger. When I looked at the first episode he made his appearance as some human experiment by Genis (Flashman shoutback?!), I think about some other episodes in Super Sentai. Super Sentai anniversaries tend to throw older fans years back at times. Gaoranger had returned several veterans for its crossover. Boukenger had an encyclopedia. Gokaiger had a lot of cast members resuming their roles. While I don't expect Gokaiger's feat and glory in Zyuohger but I'm expecting a couple more throwbacks to different eras.

I'm just launched back to 1984 when the concept of a sixth ranger was still experimented on. Bioman had that episode where Shota Yamamori (played by Seiki Kurosaki) was tested on. I guess Toei wanted to try him out if he had a charm to become the Metal Hero Jaspion. The experiment worked and Kurosaki proceeded to play Jaspion. The Bioman episode involved New Empire Gear collecting magnetic meteorites to create a new super suit. The plan was to create an army of humans and Shota happens to have that prowess to become their new warrior. Farrah tricked him into becoming Magne Warrior. It was also that time Kurosaki met his future wife the late Yuko Asuka. The scene in Zyuohger involving Genis' experiments feel like it was modified from something that wasn't so easily brought up. It's almost like older Super Sentai seasons where you see humans being experimented on to help the enemy in their invasion attempts. 

I felt like the whole struggle of Misao Mondo was almost like a throwback to Shota's struggle when he was in that Magne Warrior suit. Since he was fighting it the solution was to feed more evil energy into him. Genis starts putting more Continue tokens (?!) into him in an attempt to erase his humanity. I'll admit the scene was a huge improvement from the Bioman scene that seemed to have been shelved out years ago! Speaking of which, I'm just expecting Misao himself to probably have a scene where he's deceived like Shota next week unless the writers and producers came out with something better than that.

It's quite different from what happened around 15 years ago with Gaoranger. In Gaoranger's case, one can see that Shirogane was a guy from 1,000 years ago. No, he wasn't captured by the Orgs and brainwashed to become Rouki. He took the Wolf Mask's power so he could defeat the final Org Highness that time and became Rouki's body which has that internal conflict. It was only later Rouki took a bodily form which Shirogane felt guilty of unleashing. Shirogane's whole life was almost concerned about getting rid of Rouki and rivaling the Org Highness Ura. But there's a Shirogane throwback with the kind of mecha that he has. He's using three mecha that combine into one robot for him to use.

As for next week's episode, I hope to see a really good wrap-up how a guilt-laden character will accept his role with the Zyuohgers. I wonder will he have more comedic moments considering Zyuohger is pretty much a lighter and softer season? 


  1. I'm surprised how quickly he was able to overcome the control of Genis. It only took Yamato believing in him to fight back?! Kinda hard to believe! Also I doubt that Genis doesn't have some fail safe inside the suit just in case he does brake hold from him.
    I do really like the World though, he's becoming one of my all time favorite characters

    1. Also he accepted the brainwashing because he had no friends


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