Zyuohger 21: That Quest To Overcome Self-Pity And Lack Of Flexibility

So Zyuohger had one delay last month and another this month. I was getting pessimistic because at least two delays were happening. I don't feel very happy about how Kamen Rider Ghost is and I'd be looking forward to the Zyuohger movie instead of the former's movie. But I'd still watch Kamen Rider Ghost's movie even if I'm not liking this year's Kamen Rider as much. It's time for this week's Super Sentai and I'm happy to announce I've been feeling positive about Zyuohger.

The situation has Misao stuck in his misery because of things he didn't do willingly except for his willing participation in the experiment. I want to think he's a comical version of the otherwise more serious Shirogane in Gaoranger. The other has to deal with Tusk being the inflexible guy. There's always guys like that in Super Sentai. Sometimes it's the leader or the second in command. Gaku Washio in Gaoranger was not only tough as nails but he was tough to bend to change at times. I felt that's what went on with Tusk.

I guess points to Zyuohger for granting more consistency as a fun series. As much as I like Gaoranger, the latter tends to jump in between serious and fun as a "transitional season" that sought to be less serious after Timeranger. On the other hand, most of Zyuohger's post-Gokaiger predecessors were fun seasons like Kyoryuger, ToQGer and Ninninger with Go-Busters as the exception of the rule. Having Misao as a funny pessimistic guy fits the mood better than Shirogane's well more serious approach with Gaoranger. For Gaku Washio and Tusk I didn't think their lack of flexibility and learning to bend when needed is all that serious. Both learned to be better as the series went by.

I wonder what was in Komura's head when she had Cube Bat react to Misao's sudden badass scene? My only complaint as always is that ever since Carranger up to present there's lesser screen time to make better action scenes because the innovative trend focuses on children. I felt like Cube Bat's addition was more on the gimmicky side than a quest to find him. Then again a lot of animals in Gaoranger were given the same treatment as well. It's all about getting more toys ever since Japan's household income has become higher. Next week would probably be a little more serious since it involves bombing and there's been a lot of bombing incidents recently.


  1. can you talk about the foot soldiers why gaoranger beoynd are so weak except kyoryuger? because between maskman and timeranger are strong.

    1. Yes, especially Gobuster. In episode 48, over ten soldiers can't even shoot Yoko, while Yoko finishes them by herself. But I think the actors nowadays are weak for real action, so the foot soldiers must be weaker that we can see how powerful the actors are. I like the earlier series with real action such as pulling down by a bike, jump up to a truck, etc

  2. I heard that Zyuohger will be 50 episodes, so I think they do that purposely because there are 52 weeks in one year, so they have to skip two weeks


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