Zyuohger Episode 22: Did Toei Let Michael Bay Direct This Episode?!

This week's Zyuohger gave me the feeling Michael Bay directed this episode. While that's just a joke due to what happened, it's because of how the episode went that's why I want to joke Bay himself directed this episode. Misao is still trying to make up for what happened to him while he was under Genis' control. I could talk about some things that I expected and what I didn't expect.

While Misao goes jogging, he touches a bike and it explodes after he feels some weird tingling. I thought he secretly had that power until it's revealed that Deathgalien team player Illusion is behind it. What makes me go WTF is to think is that there have been a lot of bombings here and there lately. Illusion turns every object into a bomb which makes Misao believe he's cursed. That's until the more predicable part where it was a Deathgalien plot to blow up Tokyo.

For Misao, we realize that he feels shocks near the explosive objects because he inherited that late Rhino Zyuman's power. We see a building was turned into a bomb... all part of exploding Tokyo. Is Toei trying to raise awareness of the bombings around the world in this episode? For Misao to actually lift that whole structure with his fishing rod... it's really classic cartoon comedy. Fortunately, none of the explosions in this episode were overly done like those in Kagaku Sentai Dynaman when it aired. As much as amazing Dynaman's action is but the weakness is with the overuse of explosions. Speaking of Dynaman, don't forget Millionfold Curiosity just released episodes 14-19.

We also have the introduction of Wild Tousai King which looks pretty cool. The new combination was most likely put there so they can sell more collectibles for children. This feels like trying to repeat some of Go-onger's gimmicks in some other way.

Like Kyoryuger's later episodes that featured children dancing at the end of the credits, Zyuohger has also allowed children to participate. I guess it's because the Zyuohger movie is coming anytime soon so it's time to get aggressive with marketing folks! The opening credits showed some teasers on how Zyuohger The Movie: The Heart Pounding Circus Panic would be. It's due on August 6, 2016 in Japan's theaters. I guess that's why we're also seeing lucky children get the chance to participate at the end credits.


  1. Your not Bullshiting of how Michael Bay style of directing is like. He has zero clue of how to tell a story let alone character interaction. I heard he was both a hype and a overrated artsy fartsy director and what I saw really back it up.

    With a fifth movie coming out and he really destroyed all that I grew up with.
    There is no stopping him with desiccating Transformers.

  2. I think that ISIS will need Iluzion and they will pay him well


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