90s Old School Super Sentai Mecha Designs That May Have Went Ahead Of Their Time!

If there are new school Super Sentai designs that have the retro look, one can take a look at Super Sentai designs that "went ahead of its time". It's amazing that there are times certain old school entries would outdo themselves in the time period they're in.

Zyuranger's Guardian Beasts

I could consider Zyuranger as the start of innovative designs that made mecha look better than usual. One can argue that there's some cool old school mecha but I think some of them were simply more or less consistent with the timeframe. But Zyuranger showed more badass looking mecha than what Battle Fever J up to Jetman had to offer. Sure, it's not the best series ever but I think the mecha designs in Zyuranger look better than the simpler looking mecha of Abaranger and Kyoryuger. Funny how Abaranger and Kyoryuger while being more "high-tech" has simpler designs. Again, some newer stuff today look simpler but perform better.

Dairanger's Kiden Beasts

I could remember how I was a fan of the Thunder Megazord when I was young. Later on, I'd only know the robot as Dairenou. The designs were really badass in several levels. They look better than the badass mecha of Gekiranger.

Carranger's RV and VRV Mecha

Carranger took Turboranger's super 80s mecha design to a whole new level of design. RV Robo looks like a completely revamped Turbo Robo. VRV Robo and Victory Trailer are also badass designs.

Megaranger's INET mecha

These mecha looked more like they should have been used for space exploration than a video game theme Super Sentai. While the designs in Kamen Rider EX-AID looks more fitting for a video game Super Sentai, Megaranger's designs felt like they should have been used in a space themed show.

Gingaman's Star Beasts

The Starbeasts in their metallic form really look advanced for a 90s Super Sentai. For a group of mecha that actually came from 132 generations of Gingaman how in the world do they look so modern?

GoGoFive's rescue vehicles

There's no secret that GoGoFive's rescue vehicles are indeed ahead of their time. Timeranger may be futuristic but the mecha had a more retro look. GoGoFive ended up having more super cool mecha that made it look like they should have been kept for until later. I could think of it that GoGoFive's Grand Liner looks way better than ToGGer's ToQ-Oh.


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