I'm Now Trying To Watch Ninpuu Sentai Hurricanger From Start To End

There's a set of complete Hurricanger subs and they're not those really bad quality Hong Kong subs. It's no secret that I had a lot of bad vibes and I mean super bad vibes with Ninninger. Ninninger's crossover with Kamen Rider Drive was pretty decent. Just that, Kamen Rider Drive kept me occupied and hooked while Ninninger made me drop it and watch it and eventually I dropped it. I don't even know if the fault is Kento Shimoyama's, Naomi Takebe's or is Super Sentai suffering from franchise fatigue considering that it's Toei's longest running Tokusatsu series.

I could mention a lot and I mean a lot of stuff. One too many times the more I watch Super Sentai the more I choose not to watch most of Power Rangers unless I want to make a better comparison between the original and the localized version for the American audience. I don't want to deny that one side can always do better or worse than the other depending on who's in charge. I could think about Power Rangers Ninja Storm. I watched it because well... there was not much to watch. While watching Hurricanger I'm already thinking that Ninja Storm just doesn't match. I feel that most of the Disney era doesn't match up to what Super Sentai offered last decade. I know Power Rangers SPD's been dubbed in Japan (by the Dekaranger main cast nonetheless) but I really can't enjoy SPD at all. I'm not anti-American but I really don't like most American shows.

Even the first few episodes, Hurricanger shows better choreography, writing and acting over Ninja Storm. No stupid Mara and Kapri (okay, I'm going overboard again) to ever annoy me. I can't forget how many times I really thought of turning off the TV because of Mara and Kapri. Wendinu and Furaibijou aren't the best villains but they're not annoying or irritating to my ears. Maybe I'm just biased due to personal preferences. But again I wonder if a lot of people really found Mara and Kapri annoying. Putting Ninja Storm aside what will I eventually think of Hurricanger standing on its own merits? Only time will tell when I'm done with the show. So far, I find the show interesting and I'm hooked with it. It may not be the best but I think I like it nonetheless.

Meanwhile, just check this list of Super Sentai series I've watched from start to end which will be updated but at a very slow pace.


  1. I've been trying to watch Hurricanger too, almost finished.
    Your opinion about Wendinu and Furaibijou is spot on. They're more competent and better fighters than their American counterparts. I mentioned before that I've watched power rangers for many years. However, once I watched my first sentai series, I became hooked on all things tokusatsu and Sentai.
    Ninja Storm, I personally feel has the most powerful ranger team in the shows history! I mean ninjas, actually trained ninjas turned into rangers?! OF COURSE I THINK THEY'RE THE BEST

  2. i think hurricanger is best ninja themed series but hurricanger 10 year after is ruining hurricanger series itself

  3. If you you have NETFLIX and speaking of Ninja and Super Sentai. There is a show called Midnight Diner: Tokyo- Stories in which episode 1 focuses on a female Taxi driver who dines in the shows setting. It is revealed she appeared in a fictional show NINJA SENTAI Koga!!! And it is revealed after being type cast she had extreme difficulty in finding work. And to make ends meet she got a job as a cab driver,
    This genre in acting in reality can really hurt a actor and most of them just quickly vanish from the spotlight.

    Joe Ogadiri who played Kuuga also happened to audition for GoGo V as Go Yellow. He flat out said he does not understand the super hero genre and hates it. Great attitude to a person who got his big break from a genre that made him a star!!!


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