Zyuohger 33: Sumo Wrestling Felines!

This week's Zyuohger has both Leo and Amu fascinated by sumo wrestling. A new technique known as the Cat's Trick is practiced by two sumo wrestlers. With the Zyuohgers put in an incapacitated state where they can't stop doing sumo, it's up to Leo and Amu to save the day!

The new monster Sumotron (almost sounds like Sumatra) makes people do sumo so he could ascend to become stronger. Unlike Sumo Bouma in Turboranger, he's not an honorable opponent. It's still nice to see another sumo monster though I may have missed other sumo-based monsters. 

Leo is his second to the last opponent. I guess Sumotron is too dishonorable so... Leo transforms into Zyuoh Lion as a precaution. I wished that Leo did the fight out of suit but this is an actual match, not training. It was nice to see Leo do some sumo practice out of suit though. He defeated Sumotron then Azald intervenes. Azald allowed himself to be defeated so Sumotron can go to the highest level.

Strength isn't all that there is as Amu showed it. I agree... Amu does have that kawaii factor that caused Sumotron's defeat. The technique she unleashed just made my mind boggle. That's probably one preposterously crazy attack that's been unleashed in the show.

Next week, be ready for another Bangray appearance.


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