A Doctor Runs Into An Alien, An Alien Runs Into A Doctor?

Rather than update my last Kyuranger episode update, I decided to make a "part two" which features the minor guest role of Hojo Emu in Kyuranger and Lucky in Kamen Rider-EX-AID. So what really happened? 

The Kyuranger portion features Hojo's appearance as Kamen Rider EX-AID. Raptor plays billiard and a new ball summons EX-AID. Ikadevil gets defeated by EX-AID. EX-AID unmorphs into his human form and introduces himself as Hojo Emu. Lucky introduces himself to Hojo as well.  

The guest role of Lucky in EX-AID contradicts what happened to how they met in Kyuranger. Lucky appears and Hojo asks for Lucky's identity. Both of them like as if the events in Kyuranger never happened. So really? Did they develop amnesia or what? Or are we exploring a multiverse in here?

Speaking of which I am planning to write a new post which I tentatively want to call the Toei Multiverse Theory after I wrote something about the Super Sentai timeline. I don't know if I can push through the post as intended. Hopefully I will be able to write on it. It wouldn't be easy so don't expect it to pop out anytime soon.


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