Kyuranger Space 4: It's Time To Go To Post-Invasion Earth

The latest episode of Kyuranger goes back to Earth... literally. There's the quest to liberate Earth after it was occupied by the Galactic Empire Space Shogunate Jark Matter. They want to liberate the Earth for this reason: there's a lot and I mean a lot of Malistrates on Earth to defeat. It looks like that Jark Matter might be using Earth for the same reason as the Megabeast Empire.

Why do all those alien forces LOVE invading Earth? Bioman mentioned that the Earth is the most beautiful of all planets in the Universe. Flashman has the Mess getting amazed by it because it's full of different species they could use for their unethical experiments. A lot of aliens just love to target Earth in almost every sci-fi series or movies and not just Tokusatsu. Now let's go back to the show.

Somehow, I guessed it right (and maybe a lot of fans did) that because there will be nine starting rangers that they'll pick only five per mission and the other four are backup. Doesn't that remind you of Eto Ranger? I remembered how Eto Ranger had 12 members based on the Chinese Zodiac. The leader Bakamaru ws always chosen while four random members joined him. It seems Lucky will be in that scenario where four random Kyurangers will go with him for the remaining missions.

This is how Earth looks like according to Kyuranger. So how will the upcoming Kyuranger vs. EX-AID movie (which will bring in a lot of characters this time) try to fit in? Time machine? Worlds colliding like it happened during Shinkenger/Decade and Ninninger/Drive? It's not stated as of right now whether or not Kyuranger happens in some super distant future or it takes place in 2017. But this is one sad site with how Jark Matter has occupied Earth with a lot of Malistrates. Hmmm... doesn't this remind some of Juspion where after a few world travels that the hero goes to Earth to fight the Megabeast Empire?

It's also this episode where we see Raptor their assistant android become the pink ranger. This is sort of a break from some traditional methods. In the past, we've always had human pink rangers but now we're having a pink ranger for an android. It's another boundary breaker. In the past, we've also had other good firsts like first female yellow ranger, first female blue ranger and this show has the first female green ranger in a regular series.

The latest plot involves the Malistrate Yumepakkun eating up children's dreams. I don't think he died during the giant robot battle. He was only piloting a mecha and may have escaped. He may meet his demise in the next episode. We're seeing how Earth has become the Shogunate's latest playground. How the Kyurangers will liberate Earth and whether or not most of the series will take place on Earth still remains to be seen. Regardless whether or not the series will take place in different planets or the rest will be on Earth isn't much of an issue. What matters is how it's being implemented.

The mysterious Darth Sidious/Emperor Palpatine Space Shogun Armage now sends his message and makes another short appearance after two absences. He's angry that the Kyurangers are now on Earth. I suspect what if Armage himself might be secretly from Earth? Is he similar to Satan Goth in Juspion? There's something about Earth and why doesn't he want the Kyurangers to find out that secret? I hope it will build up in a satisfying way. I find this guy to be terrifying in his own way. 

Next week, Hanzo Hasashi/Scorpion Stinger will be joining the crew. We'll get to meet something about his past from the Planet Needle. Once again, GET OVER HERE!!!!!!


  1. If you notice, commander was said forbidden words to why kyuranger only picked five, because of cost. I remembered Owner at Den-O said that because of "slot" how goranger can start the show, it was clearly explained during super hero taihen by narutaki. And back to xiaolongbao, writer highly mean that was the cost of production. lol.
    Looks like max and ideal budget they can spend were really 5-6 men. Maybe this is the reason our super sentai series has a lot of that many members.

    I don't think kyuranger will stay on earth from now on, but looks like they will visit frequently while still going around universe.

    btw, raptor mouth keep remembering me about cheap sex doll. lol

    1. @Galvin

      Hmmmm I didn't notice that he was saying forbidden words.

      Speaking of Kyuranger not staying on Earth, I hope what you said is right that they won't stay on Earth from now on.


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