Kyuranger Space 5: The Nine Kyurangers Are Gathered

Whether or not majority of the events of Kyuranger will happen on Earth still remains to be seen. But it's certain next week's episode will be on a post-invasion Earth. People regain their fighting spirit when they realize that the Space Shogunate Jark Matter isn't invincible. This week features Stinger joining the Kyurangers and a not so typical plot twist. But I think Stinger will be my favorite Kyuranger and this episode tells you why.

Stinger's pretty much an anti-hero than a typical ranger. We've had those kinds of heroes with Gai Yuki, Burai, the first Bullblack (before passing his powers to Hyuga shortly after he died) and Naoto Takizawa (who may be viewed as Timeranger's "necessary conflict"). I find this strange considering that my favorites are Ryu for Jetman, Ryoma for Gingaman and Tatsuya for Timeranger with the anti-heroes as merely only secondary favorites for those shows. I love how his plot involves him actually fooling Jark Matter. He does have his motives of joining the Kyurangers and why he prefers to be a loner. But if the Kyurangers will go to another planet he'll have to join them sooner or later. I'm wondering just who killed Professor Anton? 

There's a bit of Stinger's past with his older brother Scorpio. The show reveals that Scorpio later joins Jark Matter. I wonder will this guy Scorpio be a Darth Vader type villain? Yuji Kubota who plays as Takatora Kureshima in Kamen Rider Gaim makes his return here. There's a role reversal as he's the traitor and the younger brother is the hero. I wonder how Scorpio himself will appear. Will he be an enemy general? I suspect that Scorpio may be Professor Anton's killer which Stinger saw prior to the events of the show. It's just a hunch.

I find this scene to be a tribute to the Death Star. The Kyurangers defeat the Malistrates and now they fight the Big Moraimarz. The Kyurangers defeat it causing it to blow up. I guess we won't see Eridron and he's probably as dead as Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin. I just want to see Don Armage react to how this failure could make him tighten his fist.

Next week, the Kyurangers are still staying on Earth. What is this secret that Don Armage wants to hide? I suspect Don Armage may be from Earth for all we know. 


  1. Eridron said death flag before the explosion, so it's highly possible that he was dead.

    I too like an anti hero character, maybe we're adult preferred him bcs it's nearly similar to our life that we don't have to act hero to do heroic things. It's way cooler like how Gai Yuki and Burai got in our hearts than any other, for example.

    1. Speaking of Burai and Gai Yuki, I also thought that X-1 Mask was pretty much an experimentation for the two characters.

  2. after Kohei Murakami, now Yuji Kubota. SS have consecutive KR actor plays in important plot

  3. Actually I hope Stinger will stay tsundere as long as possible, at least until he meet his brother to resolve his problem.
    Well, we don't know what's in writers brain, so let's hope the plot is going successful.


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