Kyuranger Space 6: Dance Party Kyuranger Anyone?

This week's Kyuranger seems to be a PSA of the power of the human will and the importance of putting one's heart. A new power called Pegasus gets introduced in this episode. Lucky learns to work with Pegasus in order to conquer the latest problem.

A new Malistrate named Toome is turning everyone in a certain district into zombie dances. He uses human shields. The lack of cooperation of the currently chosen team nearly causes everyone their victory. Hammy gets too pissed off at Lucky's being a happy go lucky idiot. But she learns that Lucky's positive mindset is what keeps him going in the fight against Jark Matter.

We see a little more of Stinger who's still a loner. Two new generals namely Ikargen and Mardakko show up looking for the Kyurangers. Madako does look like a recycled Jera from B-Fighter. Stinger tackles on them but realizes that he's not all that ready to deal with them. I want to really see these two cause some major trouble. What's a good show without villains you hate because they make the lives of heroes miserable?

I know Lucky's an idiot but I don't think he's all that annoying. Still, I couldn't help but feel sorry for Hammy in this episode. But we also learn that depriving yourself of your heart and having only your mind can be bad for you. Hammy learns she needs both her heart and mind to operate as a Kyuranger.

Sidenote: Maybe you should watch Solbrain if you haven't but try watching Winspector first. 

Next week. Is Kamen Rider EX-AID showing up for next week's episode? This may be the start of a new crossover. But how will EX-AID fit in considering that EX-AID's continuity is not a post-invasion Earth? Maybe, it's time to screw logic again. Since when did watching anything that's obviously fiction not require anyone to screw logic?


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