Kyuranger Space 7: Happy Birthday To You And Bigger Surprises Await

Sorry for the delay of the badly needed weekly post! This week's episode is pretty much summed as "Happy Birthday!" One of the Kyurangers is celebrating his birthday namely Balance. Let's get started shall we? So instead of writing a part two I decided to update this post just today!

The Malistrate of the week is Toomey. Is it a pun for the word gloomy? I can't be certain but he's pretty mean. He steals the birthday of everyone and they can't celebrate it. Presents disappear and the same thing happens to Balance. Naga starts to go from being almost emotionless to show a caring side when he discovers how important Balance is as a team member. Sidenote, I wished that Takashi Ukaji made a guest appearance either as a civilian or as Kosei Kougami from Kamen Rider OOO. 

It's revealed that last week's assassin duo Ikagen and Madoko have been used to invade and destroy thousands of planets. What's really Don Armage's problem with other people's lives anyway? We're seeing him a bit more outside the holographic image and my slight nitpick is that he's not dressed in black but white robes. He looks like some weird cult leader than a shogun. The two fighters show up and start causing trouble for the heroes. I hope both Ikagen and Madoko will be menacing villains since we all need them to keep the show going. I wish that the two villains will prove to be more than a match for the heroes before they're inevitably written off. 

Kamen Rider EX-AID appears as a guest and disappears into thin air after an impressive fight. So he appears into the world of Kyuranger. I feel Toei owes its viewers an explanation to why these crossovers are now happening within the series unless they want to tell us that they want us to decide for ourselves. Ikadevil from Shocker appears and causes confusion. EX-AID does some impressive attacks for a short scene. I just want to imagine the Toei Multiverse theory since most Super Sentai tend to operate within their own continuity that it's a collision of worlds. Both Kamen Rider Decade and Kamen Rider Drive experienced it. Kamen Rider Decade's crossover with Shinkenger already showed that the World of Shinkenger is a World Without Kamen Riders.

My problem right now though is that has Shocker become the punching bad of new school Kamen Riders? Granted, I prefer new school Kamen Rider so I really wish that they would use Foundation X (which first appears in Kamen Rider W and made some appearances in Kamen Rider Fourze) or E.V.I.L. (insert Mermaid Man) as the new punching bag. Shocker's already getting overused and that organization would be freaking 46 years old today assuming it was founded last 1971. As far as we're concerned Shocker was later re-organized as Gel-Shocker, Destron and the mysterious Great Leader kept leading it in most its incarnations. Today, the Great Leader has become the Great Loser considering how often he's the favorite punching bag of the new school era. I wish that the Kamen Rider crossover films will find a new punching bag than use someone who's already overused. Other punching bags that I think are already overused are General Jark, Shadow Moon, Apollo Geist, General Shadow and Ambassador Darkness. Missed any?

We also have the upcoming Chou Super Hero Taisen (makes me want to sing Hagane No Messiah from the Super Robot Wars series whenever a massive crossover happens) which may focus mainly on Kyuranger and EX-AID. Speaking of the Super Hero Taisen series, I can't forget how much I didn't like the first movie. The second movie was a bit better but not anything. I did enjoy the Kamen Rider Grand Prix but it conveniently ignored the events of Kamen Rider Drive's crossover with Ninninger. A giant fortress is attacking the Planet Earth but it may actually be an alternate universe different from both Kyuranger and EX-AID. Also, I'm excited for the movie considering that I'm enjoying both Kyuranger and EX-AID at the same time. But again, why does Patrick Star keep getting the honor of writing these films? There's still other writers and maybe Gen  Urobuchi would be the better pick for now. 

Hopefully the Battle Royale plot will work well but as I said, it's better to use the Super Hero Taisen concept as a video game series since a movie is never enough to develop a huge cast. I think it would be fun to have a Battle Royale video game involving as many Tokusatsu shows by Toei as possible instead of having a movie. I would suggest they have console games and mobile games. But please, I hope they'll have English versions soon so they can also be enjoyed by non-Japanese audiences. 

Next week is going to show Xiao Long Bao's secret and I can't wait to see him fight. We have Torin in Kyoryuger and Doggie Kruger in Dekaranger. So what amazing power does this commander have? For the sideline event, we're having some cooking mayhem with Kaijiki who may be trying to help some refugees. I wish that Hiro Mishuzima from Kamen Rider Kabuto will guest star next week but it's unlikely.


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