Kyuranger Space 11: Unlucky Lucky!!!!!!

We're about to see a different of Lucky now. Something tells me that his idiocy has been a result of something horrible in the past. So what's happening right now? 

Lucky isn't so Lucky after all. First, he loses the sweepstakes he entered before the series began. So he gets into the battle and something bad happens. Ikagen reveals that Madoka could regenerate (It'd be a waste to kill such a badass character too early). Lucky not only gets destroyed by them but they also get the Puppis Kyu Globe. I find this chapter to be pretty interesting as Lucky starts to develop here.

Another interesting relation is between Kotaro and Stinger. Kotaro has much to learn on what it means to be a Kyuranger. Stinger is very cold and Kotaro doesn't know what it means to be a Kyuranger. I love how Stinger shares his story with Kotaro. Stinger's brother Scorpio got corrupted by the newfound power. What I want to see right ow is Stinger getting into a dilemma and maybe we'll get more details of the mysterious Darth Sidious ahem Don Armage.

The new combination Ryutei-Oh is pretty cool. I just hope that Commander Shou Ronpou wouldn't get involved too much in the field battle. Then again, that's a pretty cool combination. I hope Shou Ronpou would teach everyone not to really too much on him.

The end of the series presents us a flashback of a younger Lucky. So what really happened in the past? Looks like we'll get an interesting glimpse of Lucky's childhood in the next episode. He does look like he's lost everything dear to him. Maybe all that trauma made him into an idiot. I hope the writers are coming up with something really good to explain Lucky's circumstances. Some people do act stupid to hide whatever trauma they have. I've met some people who can act happy go lucky because they have a dark past to hide.

I can't wait to see Lucky do a Sentai Badass Moment for next week's episode. He's trying to regain his luck even when he's lost it. I hope it helps mature him as a character when he realizes that he must fight with or without his luck.


  1. i hope writer made good writing during stinger & scorpio arc

    by the way, i feel like robot multi gattai was too early (eps 12), i don't know how they handle it in later episodes


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