Space 8: The Secret Of Xiao Long Bao

Are you hungry? Well this episode made me hungry in some way. We're not talking about the dragon dumplings from the dimsum but Shou Ronpou whose name is a play on Xiao Long Bao. Let's get started shall we? Sidenote, I'm glad that I'm able to do this weekly update on time.

There are a total of five Consumarz on Earth and I think they're going to leave Earth soon There's really a lot and I mean a lot of conflict. Spada is a chef and he doesn't want to leave hungry people alone. Shou Ronpou is adamant that orders must be followed. I feel like that there's a lesson to learn here namely following simple guidelines goes a long way.

Darth Sidious ahem Don Armage wants the Kyurangers destroyed so he can rule the Universe unchallenged. I love how even the slightest presence he has can terrify his subordinates. He has his two deadliest assassins Ikagen and Madoka get rid of the Kyurangers. Doesn't he have a Death Star or Galaxy Gun to help him?

It's interesting to go to another planet but it's just an underground expedition. I feel this is the weaker part of the episode. I wish we'd know more about Geeshak.

There's always a conflict of interest here. Spada just can't ignore people who are hungry and he goes against the commander's wishes. He serves some food and another Malistrate (who's been stealing food) comes by. Unlike your typical Super Sentai episode, the Malistrate isn't even the focus of the episode. I could relate to Spada here and I might also end up disobeying orders if I were him. But there's a lesson to learn here that you need to follow simple guidelines.

Stinger gets reunited with a child he saved earlier from Space 5. It's nice for them to have a reunion for this episode.

Ikagen and Madoka prove that they are not to be messed with. Spada, Garu and Raptor get captured because they get no back up. The others are told not to fight but they fight anyway. Is it that hard to follow instructions? Commander Shou Ronpou knows what he's doing so why are you defying orders?

So we see Draco Violet but next week, we learn that there's a time limit for the commander when he fights. I guess this is pretty much a life threatening technique. So how will Commander Shou Ronpou fight?

Ouch! Are they trying to dismember Spada or something? I hope that Ikagen and Madoka will be a serious threat that won't be easily defeated. I feel like yelling at them like, "If you just followed orders this wouldn't have happened." But it's all part of growing up isn't it?

Next week will also feature something about Shou Ronpou's past. I guess this guy is his father. I think he holds a personal grudge against both assassins. I wish the Kyurangers will one way or another find a way to get out of the tentacles of Ikagen and Madoka.

This seems to be a pretty interesting mecha next week. I wonder how Draco Violet's mecha will soon fight? On the other hand, I think the pacing is happening too fast in the name of selling more Bandai merchandise. What are your thoughts?


  1. Food of Super Sentai- Ramen, Sushi, Gyoza and Curry Rice!!!!!!

    Right Now, Gyoza is what I am addicted to and there is a Chinese Buffet I go to that serves a variation of Dumpling that used thinner skin and more pork filling.

    I can scarf down a hundred of those bad boys in Japan.

    1. Thanks I really missed that out. Speaking of curry rice, I have never been a fan of Japanese curry. I like ramen, sushi and gyoza though. Speaking of sushi, I do like it but I prefer kimbap more.

    2. During my early research on Super Sentai. I heard that Kiranger was a fanatic of the food and I saw Asao Hyou( Vul Panther) eating it. I first had Curry Rice in 2000 and I could not stop eating it. I am a true Yellow Ranger as I like the color and love Curry Rice.

    3. I prefer Indian curry to Japanese curry. I've been a fan of food with really strong flavors. I think Japanese curry isn't such a big deal.


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