I'm Giving My Belated Condolences To Nyaa Torrents

The moment you realize Nyaa got absorbed into a black hole... 

I may not be the first to react like I'm not the first one to do episode reviews with my opinions shared into them. So it's going to be hard and I feel like I'm despair. So there's some migration issues for all the fan subbers. There's going to be some adjustments for the fan subbers. I just want to reveal my frustration and it's wasn't a lucky day for many viewers.

Some of the fan subbers have already transferred to Anidex ever since what could be the tragic end of Nyaa. From what I heard, the owner willingly shut it down for personal reasons. I could understand that if there were some issues like inability to pay bills but I also smell a rotten conspiracy. Do some people to blame the Yellow Empire's shadow empress from the United States? Hmmm I want to pretend the empress of the Yellow Empire wants to get rid of any competition and force people to watch telebasuras all day long.

While Grown Ups In Spandex was getting back with subbing but I hope they get their migration done soon for more Changeman and Flashman subs. I find both seasons to be still very enjoyable while I'm enjoying Kyuranger's space adventure this year. Hopefully, I'll see more of both Changeman and Flashman.

Megabeast Empire is yet to migrate and I wish they will do something soon. I want to see more Robocop ahem Janperson subs.

So all I can say is RIP Nyaa. You'll be sorely missed!


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