Wishful Thinking: Captain Marvelous/Gokai Red And Tsukasa Kadoya/Kamen Rider Decade As Guest Stars In Kyuranger

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There's an upcoming Kyuranger episode where Banban Akaza and Geki Jumonji will show up just made my crazy imagination flow out of control. I feel like it's been a huge breath of fresh air with how Kyuranger isn't your typical Super Sentai. So what's my current wishful thinking as of late? Here's a few stuff that I wish would happen considering this series looks like it's ready to welcome in a lot and I mean a lot of guest stars from the vast Toei Tokusatsu Multiverse. Now it's time to give my newest wishful thinking on two characters that I want to show up as guest stars.

As much I always felt Kamen Rider Decade caused a meltdown but the problem was more of the implementation than the idea. Gokaiger succeeded where Decade failed as an anniversary season. As much as I don't like the first Super Hero Taisen Movie (because Marvelous and Decade were acting like toddlers fighting over which franchise is better). What I want to happen is to see both Marvelous and Decade show up for a two episode crossover. I don't think it has to be the whole Gokaiger team or the whole cast of Kamen Rider Decade. I hope Masahiro Inoue can be available for at least two episodes of Kyuranger. I know he's a father now but I hope he can spare some time. If he can't then fans should understand.

Gokaiger is the first Super Sentai that allows the rangers to use the 34 Super Sentai powers before them. Kamen Rider Decade is the 10th anniversary of the Heisei era Kamen Rider. Gokaiger tries to cram in the 34 Super Sentai series even if a lot of events in old school era were meant to take place in their own continuity. Kamen Rider Decade explores the idea of Alternate Reality Words. Also, it's obvious that a lot of Super Sentai VS. Crossovers have events that suggest that they happen in an alternate reality. Many of the events in many of the Super Sentai VS. movies usually end up with a lot of what-ifs. Gokaiger has been the biggest what-if scenario considering it crams up every Super Sentai season. Kamen Rider Decade crams up both the Showa era and the Heisei era in the form of alternate words.

So what's my proposed plot? Let's think of the time that passed. It's six years after Gokaiger and it's eight years after Decade. I guess we could cram in the event where continuities start to crumble as a result of Don Armage's conquest. The two would be involved in leading a rebellion in this continuity to restore the Universe back to order. The crossover will conveniently ignore the events of Chou Super Hero Taisen in another huge what-if scenario. This may also involve the return of Narutaki who may blame Decade yet again. Oh, will someone please punch Narutaki this time?

Maybe we could have a couple of stuntmen play as the Zaido jerks who are there just to get vaporized for their stupidity. Yes, I want to Zaido to appear in Kyuranger but not in a good way. We would probably have a scene where all three Zaidorks get vaporized while trying to stop the Space Shogunate or Avilo break down before it could fire its beam. It would be an interesting sub-plot if both Marvelous and Tsusaka face-palmed after seeing the three of them get vaporized as a result of their stupidity.


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