Kyuranger 21: Scorpio Dies, A Ship Rises Again

This week's Kyuranger wraps up one arc and begins another. This is the end of Scorpio (so I wonder what happened) and the beginning of the Argo. Speaking of the Argo, I can't help but think of the Argos in Jason and the Argonauts. 

I don't know what to think about the whole arc of Stinger and Scorpio wrapping up too fast. My favorite part of the story is how Scorpio does a Darth Vader. He pretty much ends up regretting everything he's done and returns the Kyu Globes to Scorpio. Yes, it's a sad fate but Scorpio had to pay for his sins. His last act of redemption is to cure Stinger. 

So really Don Armage what took you so long to show yourself to the Kyurangers? The power of Don Armage is shown. As of right now, I assume he might be some powerful sorcerer from Earth and maybe pieces of information are found on Earth. He shows how dangerous he can get. Hopefully, he can show a more dangerous side of him. I guess we're having a mystery to who Don Armage is and I hope it would be revealed in such a satisfying way.

The Argo shows up and yup, it's an old boat. They want to find its secret so they can destroy Don Armage but it reveals something else.

Entering the Argo creates a hilarious adventure. Tsurugi Ohtori has been in suspended animation for some time. It makes an obvious reference to pirate shows. He discovers they're the Kyurangers and he reveals he's also a Kyuranger. 

Is it me or is fanservice a cheap way to get ratings? Anyway, he shows what he can do by destroying the Consumarz heading for Earth. IMO, he should have just shown his mecha already.

I don't think getting rid of Madako is a great loss either. She hasn't been useful. I hope we get some interesting generals since a new arc has begun.

The suspense is at the end of the episode. I can't wait to find out what Don Armage is hiding. It's highly possible that he's hiding what could lead to his downfall.

Next week we wouldn't get Super Hero Time and I personally think it's time for another break. See you all on July 23, 2017 assuming I'll take another break from this blog.