Ucchuu Keiji Gavan VS. Tokosou Sentai Dekaranger: A Nice Throwback To Last Decade And My Childhood

I could remember watching the original Ucchuu Keiji Gavan. Years later, I remembered watching Dekaranger and I don't feel it's a great loss skipping Power Rangers SPD and not watching it. It's 2017 and two shows back from the past come back in a more mature fashion. The show has the violence that I saw in Gavan but not in Dekaranger. I felt Dekaranger was somewhat "lacking" from the badass action I've seen in most 80s-90s Super Sentai. I'd like to write what I felt about the movie which takes place in an alternate universe

The movie focuses on the legacy of the two Gavans namely Retsu Ichijouji and Geki Jumonji. Zaido has no right to take part of the glorious legacy of the Space Sheriffs. If they should appear in the movie they should just make a terrible cameo where they get blown up for their incompetence. Geki shows he may not be perfect, he's pretty rash and he really did some stupid things but he's more than enough to rip off the Zaidorks to pieces. Retsu later shows up and affirms Retsu's position as the new Gavan.

The movie features a new version of Mad Gallant. At first, I wondered how Mad Gallant came back to life but the movie conveniently gives us a new Mad Gallant. His name is Lars who appears as a nice person but watch out: he's a real psycho. It looks like a new string of Super Hero Taisen movies will come out from this movie with all the events. Benibika escapes before the film's events and a new organization known as Genmaku is born. Lars/Mad Gallant II is one sadistic maniac. The events of this film feature some brutality not shown in Dekaranger.

The movie has a lot of life lessons for some reason. Geki is nowhere near the original Gavan in terms of being calm and collected. Shelly is assumed to be dead and he goes on rampage. He wrecks the wedding of Sen and Umeko. This creates a double team up. Speaking of which, I thought that the blood drained victims scenario makes me remember some of the more serious days of Tokusatsu. The movie isn't all that lighthearted compared to the Dekaranger I remembered and liked in the past. I'm feeling the spirit of nostalgia back to my childhood days even if it's already a new school Gavan.

I love to nitpick on this one. So why didn't Sen and Umeko just get married BEFORE the movie even started? I'd rather see them as husband and wife in the film. They could be parents and get some child actor to play as their child. No, the wedding happens in the film with a botched kiss twice in a row. Just looking at these scenes make me want to cry why it never happened when Toei had all the time between 2005 up to 2017. They could have just married off-screen some time ago.


The movie itself has the potential to have a good sequel. I think we have another Super Hero Taisen movie showing up considering all the cameos that made it in the end. What will become of this new super organization Genmaku? It looks like things will be getting pretty exciting though I'm afraid Naruhisa Arakawa may already be in the danger of getting overworked.

What's your thoughts on this movie?