Kyuranger 28: Naga Please Come Back

After last week's fun clip show, it's time to go back to the main plot. Naga is now a dangerous creature with all his repressed emotions showing up. This episode also has the sideplot of going back to the past to discover what truly happened.

It's about time that somebody from Naga's civilization shows up and her name is Echidna though you can tell she's also played by Naga's actor. According to Echidna, she must destroy Naga because he has gained emotions. They achieved peace at the cost of boredom. I guess there's an important lesson we have to learn in the next few episodes.

We also discover that Balance had something to do with Naga starting to yearn to escape the boring existence of the Orphicius system. If I were Naga I would have wanted to escape that dull, boring existence and I don't think I'd do anything different than Balance.

I find it WTF though why did the people buy into Akenba's lie that hurting Naga is the only way to hurt him. It's not like as if they haven't had history books to learn that villains do operate in that way. I feel sorry for Balance's broken expectations.

The other batch go back into the past where it's confirmed (or not) that Don Armage was truly defeated. But if Don Armage was defeated then why is he still alive? I have a lot of speculations right now that maybe the Don Armage they fought was nothing more than a decoy or an illusion. Maybe, the real Don Armage is still hiding somewhere or found some ancient magic that allowed him to cheat death. Now more questions are abounding in the show and I hope it will be a satisfying revelation. 

The Gemini Kyuglobe manages to create something really funny. You've got two Garus and two Hammys and we have this unusual combination...

Yup I find this a bit weird... but it was a good way to deal with the current situation. 

The Orion is destroyed in the present. Now it's time to go back into the past to fix things. So we're having time travel again. I wonder how dangerous is time travel anyway?

Next week, we'll meet the strongest warrior in the Orion system. Hopefully, Naga will get back to his senses and we'll see more history of what happened centuries prior to what could already be the year 2317 in Kyuranger's continuity.