Kyuranger 29: Back To The Past 300 Years Ago

This week's episode continues with last week. The Argo gets destroyed in the present because of what happened in the past. As the other heroes traveled 300 years ago, the timeline shifted. Boy, is it me or is time travel truly a dangerous thing? Try watching Timeranger and Kamen Rider Den-O (or any time-traveling themed show) if you haven't when you have the time.

So using the Orphiuchus Kyu Globe, Lucky travels back into time but it disappears. What sees isn't even pleasant. So how are they going to get back in time then? I have my suspicions that they'll find a new way to travel back home. Meanwhile...

Yes, Lucky finds out that they are attacked. Just who did it? It's not a pretty sight and if this doesn't change, the Kyurangers will go extinct.

A man named Orion appears and connects with everyone. This is the first time Orion shows up to at least some of our heroes. Lucky does show some cool out-of-suit scenes. Takumi Kizu is able to pull it off.

Yes, the Argo is in shambles. I wonder how this ship will be repaired back in the past. The one who did the attack was...

Yup, it turns out to be that while it looked like Houou Soldier destroyed him back in the war but he didn't. So how in the world did Don Armage survive? It's possible that he's using decoys or he's using some bizarre magic. Don Armage shows he's one evl a**hole without any hesitation. He blew up the ship and attacked our heroes before the episode began. Like WTF? Then again, villains are supposed to do that and we love to hate them don't we?

What was interesting to see is that the Three Vice Shoguns are in the past. I don't know if destroying them back in the past will save Naga. Speaking of Naga, I still want to see how the hold Akenba has on him will be broken. But would destroying Akenba back in the past have results.

Call me crazy but I do have suspicions here. So Orion talks with Tsurugi who he supposedly sealed away to recover from injuries for 300 years. Granted that time may run differently in different planets (ex. in Dekaranger, one episode had it where an alien with a longer lifespan in Earth years met Ban's ancestor and later Ban) so it's possible that Orion could be Lucky's father. Orion hasn't met his newborn son who's in the Leo System so he could also be Lucky's ancestor. I don't know what to think but I have a feeling we'll get a Darth Vader villain soon.

The impact of Orion and Lucky is in this episode. Okay, I wonder would this confirm the two are actually related?

Don Armage reveals he can't be easily taken down. Using whatever magic he has, he puts Lucky in a dangerous situation.

Don Armage shows what he is behind all that clothing. He does freaking look like a bizarre mix of Yuuzhan Vong clan members and Emperor Palpatine. I dunno if this is a decoy or what or has he found some way to cheat death? But I hope he survives to become the final villain since he's pretty badass. I really miss having designs like this. Is this guy crazy or what? I feel like he's darker, more sinister version of the Martian Leader from Mars Attack so don't expect him to be destroyed by oldies music such as the Indian Love Call. 

Next wee, we'll see Lucky get a new power-up. Okay, looks like were' having another Red-Centric season with Lucky. I'm already seeing that we'll see Don Armage in battle. I doubt it that it'd be the last we'd seen of him.