Kyuranger 30: The Miraculous Kyutama

It's time for another weekly Kyuranger review. I'd probably slow things down here for now (or not) depending on how I feel. Anyway, this episode may catch you by surprise or it won't. 

Lucky's in a desperate situation and Tsurugi is willing to risk his life for Lucky. This also reveals something about Tsurugi's past 300 years ago.

So maybe in September 7, 2017 it was the time that Tsurugi was afloat into space and met the Phoenix Kyutama. He was about to die in space but he soon acquired its power to become the first legend against Don Armage.

It was interesting to see Tsurugi risk his life and reveal the power of the phoenix within. I was afraid he was going to die in this episode. Fortunately he didn't and I guess that's somewhat predictable for some.

It's amazing to see how Don Armage himself leads the army for the first time. He leads with his three generals who are supposedly destroyed but later, we find out they're not taken down to easily. He's got what he believes is his own territory to defend and it's only normal he does what he does. 

Don Armage carrying a sickle is no surprise. With his cloak, he looks like the Grim Reaper. In this form, he looks like some demon mixed with Mars Attack. He shows he's not so easy to defeat and he's not someone you should mess around with.

What's not surprising is that Orion is actually Lucky's many times great-grandfather. Lucky also has the blood of Orion and Leo which is also not surprising. I wonder how does it feel to meet your distant ancestor or descendant? Too bad though he doesn't make it and history starts to change for the worse.

It was interesting to see Lucky take on the new form as Leo Red Orion. Okay, it's mostly white and I think Lucky is getting most of the cool stuff. I hope that this form can be used by the others but again isn't red the star of the show? This scene left me nervous because the idea of Don Armage dying so easily would be a waste of time. I mean, just look at how badass he is and how he's not so easily killed by heroes. Who wouldn't want a villain like that to stay?

We get some dramatic effect of rain. But it's also an omen of what could happen next. Somehow, your day can get from bad to worse.

How did Orion's death affect things? They discover it wouldn't be so good. They're all excited to return to the future but their expectation is ruined.

Newsflash: Don Armage is still alive and kicking. He's still the ruler of the Universe. Naga is still with the Jark Matter Space Shogunate. The Universe is still under the rule of the merciless tyrant. Destroying the three shoguns and Don Armage in the past didn't change anything. Is it me or does Don Armage have back-up bodies that would house his dark soul whenever his body is destroyed? He may have transferred bodies from the time Tsurugi defeated him and maybe he did it again. I was glad to see he's still alive because he's one badass villain who should never be allowed to go down easily.

Next week, I'm glad we'll see the Kyurangers try to rescue Naga. I was afraid that the victory in the past would get rid of an interesting story arc. It would be a waste to get rid of the Dark Naga storyline so easily by just going back to the past.