My Top Ten Favorite Hurricanger Episodes

I can't deny that Hurricanger is one of my favorite last decade series. While I do prefer Liveman over it but I prefer it over Kakuranger at the same time. It's time for some throwback to what I believe to be one of the most fun Super Sentai series. Let's get started with the episodes shall we?

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This episode is a pretty funny one involving Shurikenger and Isshu falling for Nanami due to some love spell. Is it me or am I a sucker for these? I thought Ohranger and Zyuranger made it funny. Zyuranger had both Dan and Boi in a temporarily love triangle for Mei and were locked up. In this episode, Shurikenger having assumed the form of a popular singer fights for Nanami. Isshu reveals that love can also make you strong. IMO, the Isshu/Nanami shipping should have been developed.

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This is one reason why I actually ended up having Yousuke as my favorite member of the Hurricangers. He's headstrong, he's somewhat stupid but he actually develops as a character. I could relate to him in this episode because I used to belittle menial tasks. This is where Yousuke realizes that every simple task counts towards something big.

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Perhaps another episode where I could relate to Yousuke. Kouta becomes the new "leader" which is all but part of the training. I could relate to this episode considering that I do have the tendency to get jealous of my teammates. This episode shows the importance of teamwork and responsibility. It also shows what it means to be a true leader.

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Ikkou is still stuck with the scorpion egg problems and knows it would only be a matter of time before he dies. Sargain decides to launch his latest creation Metagume to take advantage of the situation. Ikkou decides that he will use his remaining hours fighting for the Earth. Should I mention Toshiya Fuji also acts as the great Yuusaku. Sidenote, why didn't Fuji resume his role in Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai instead?

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The arrival of Sandaaru creates a new story arc. Sandaaru is the most dangerous of Jakanja's spears as later episodes will show. He's treacherous and he's the greatest spear that the Hurricangers have ever fought. My favorite dilemma also involves Shurikenger as he's tested between his boss and the Hurricangers. I also love how Sandaru shows he's not someone to be joked with. The plot to turn people into gold. There's also a lesson as they learn why certain orders that seem out of place are given. Sometimes, you need to follow orders now and ask questions later.

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I couldn't state how much I enjoyed how the Gouraigers developed from villains to anti-heroes to heroes. It even made me wish Liveman's Black Bison and Green Rhino started out as antagonists turned protagonists. The four part arc develops the two schools and how they get together. This is also pretty much a good way to write Chuzubo off. The two combine their two robots realizing that both schools can become one. The Hurricangers are still somewhat hesitant to join though which makes it a bit more realistic.

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I think Hurricanger has one of the strongest finale arcs ever. I wouldn't talk too much about how I think it's better written than Ninja Storm's considering some Super Sentai seasons I like better than this don't have very strong finales. This also helps us see through Gousen and what she is. I also like how the Hurricangers and Gouraigers placed their lives at the risk to destroy the enemy. What was also interesting is to see how both teams work together to destroy Tao Zanto's master plan. This also reveals a deep dark secret on Tao Zanto that wouldn't be too surprising for many viewers.

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This is yet another tough decision for Yousuke. As much as yes, Yousuke is an idiot but he does learn to become less of one in this episode. He meets an old friend Taisho of his who asks him to quit Hurricanger. This also puts a time when sometimes you need to bend over backwards to become a true hero.

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I felt like that Ikkou's problem of having a scorpion egg should have been built into a series of continuous episodes rather than let the plot stall every now and then. This episode would prove one's tenacity to survive such an ordeal as Ikku proves it. Situation looks hopeless but he got out of it. Yousuke takes the risk and matures in this episode so Ikku can be saved.


Anyway, I'll be working on the Gekiranger favorite episodes when I can. 

What are your top ten favorite Hurricanger episodes?