My Top Ten Favorite Zyuranger Episodes

Here's Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger for its 20th anniversary. Here's my top ten favorite episodes which I thought were really good for the series. Here's the list from bottom to top:

10. Episode 13

While I certainly feel Reiko Chiba's acting is so-so considered her having no prior experience in the theater but I thought this was one cool episode. The nightmare fuel involved with Bandora trying to eat children as apples makes her real nightmare fuel. It did make sense for Bandora (in some way but she lacks common sense) to actually have Mei poisoned because that would get the other Zyurangers defenseless without the arrow. Mei learns to conquer her fears so she can help the others.

9. Episode 15

Bandora plans to build an evil sword using a child who will turn ten under a full moon. It was interesting for Goushi to try and save the same boy from Bandora's rather cruel and half-brained scheme. I love how the plan actually the boy couldn't be harmed by the Durandol, the evil sword which nearly destroyed the Zyurangers.

8. Episode 32

Geki is a great and mighty warrior but he's now confronted by a decision that could change the whole world. This means would he choose his dying brother Burai or would he choose the world? This also has Bandora exploiting Geki at his weakest moment. I always like it whenever a hero must face such tough challenges whether it's going to be their personal feelings or the fate of humanity. Goushi does everything he can to bring Geki back to his senses.

7. Episode 43

Burai's dead and it's a hard decision. Geki must try to bring Dragon Caesar's spirits back because the world is in danger. I always felt sad for Geki after the episodes which involve Burai's death. I love how Geki manages to help Dragon Caesar overcome the crisis of losing its partner.

6. Episodes 1-6

The six-part introduction of Zyuranger is pretty cool. The episode features the return of the Witch Bandora and the Zyurangers from their slumber. It gives a good introduction to the Zyurangers as well as the Bandora Gang. The Zyurangers awaken from the stone age to find themselves in modern times are now having a difficult time adjusting. The way that the introduction of character weapons and the mecha is different than its predecessors. Unlike how the weapons are usually handed over by their mentors the Zyurangers must find them. Also, how Daizyjujin gets introduced and how the Zyurangers must learn to work together was also pretty cool. Makes it feel more real as the guys have been from the stone age and are having a hard time adjusting to modern times.

5. Episodes 28-31

This is best called the "Dai Satan arc" though the Bigger Bad of Zyuranger only appears for a very few episodes. Bandora herself knows the odds are against her so she not only upgrades her monsters with Dokeeta clay but she also plans to summon her god Dai Satan. The nightmare fuel in this arc is undeniably crazy. Bandora kidnaps thirteen children and plans to use them to summon Dai Satan. It also features more of Burai's origins revealing he was only temporarily revived and that he's been dead all along. This also introduces the Ultimate Daizyujin to temporarily drive away Dai Satan.

4. Episode 34

Burai is driven by the issue of living longer vs. dying. He feels his isolation is driving him crazy. He must stay in the Timeless Room to avoid dying but it just makes him go crazy thinking about it. This episode has Burai save both siblings from Bandora's evil scheme. He decides that he will face death but he will die in the best way possible. Truly Burai's magnificent focus!

3. Episodes 47-50

Zyuranger's "Doomsday Finale" does help put things into full circle to why Bandora's type of evil focuses on children. It's interesting to see how Prince Kai actually had it coming when he was cracking dinosaur eggs. It also established Bandora's relationship as a servant of the malevolent Dai Satan. Dai Satan finally wrecks havoc across the world leading to the true doomsday. It's interesting to see how the Zyurangers must face the world that's close to its destruction and how they must hang towards the finale. My favorite part is where Burai's ghost appears and guides the Zyurangers out of the spirit realm. My only beef is that couldn't Burai be available to welcome the Zyurangers into Heaven in the finale? But that's just a very small issue.

2. Episodes 17-22

"Go green go!" no it's Burai the true ultimate badass. I thought about how this six part "Green With Evil" in Zyuranger is one incredibly badass arc. I heard that Burai was supposed to be a six episode X-1 Mask but popularity made him the first official sixth ranger. I can't help but still think of X-1 Mask whenever I watch this six parter. What's interesting to think about is how Burai himself isn't someone you can't underestimate. He causes havoc the very moment he's released, he's evil at his own free will and he would even dare turn against Bandora. What was also interesting in this arc was that Geki discovers Burai is his biological brother. We learn that Geki did have a foster sister and now he learns he has a biological brother.

1. Episodes 40-42

I guess these are my favorite parts and why Burai is indeed that glorious warrior. It's not just about losing his powers but his life. This also makes Burai's death acceptable to why he left the series. He sees he's going to die but sees another young life that's going to die. He decides that he can't just die yet until Kota a child who could meet his death anytime will live instead. I love how Burai left the world with a smile on his face though it hurt Dragon Caesar that badly. These are three episodes that should further prove how Burai is indeed the greatest Zyuranger ever.


Hopefully, I can get to work with the Hurricanger and Gekiranger ones.


  1. when Super Sentai did arcs to tell a good story. They went there with the Dai Satan arc with the episodes. The way it starts was so unintentional if not unexpected with a simple story of Dan working at a Ramen restaurant and the Bandra Gang is digging for clay and the most unassuming but horrrific Dora Franken monster is introduced as a arc monster(a monster that last more then one episode!!!)
    From then on the Rangers get their ass handed to them by the new super Golems which leads both Brother of Geki and Burai seeking the Thunder Slinger cannon which is only used 4 times and the introduction of King Brachion!!!!

    When I saw this arc I said F@&k Power Rangers!!!!


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