Wishful Thinking: Which Old School Toku Actor Do You Think Should Have Played As Orion In Kyuranger?

I'm fine with Kyuranger and all but as always, I just love to nitpick on just anything. Come on, I've already wished for something like Megumi Mori should have been Oboro in Hurricanger or that Kazunori Inaba should have guest-starred as Takeru's father in Shinkenger for obvious reasons. Now let's get straight to business to who I felt should have played as Orion.

First it's Kenji Ohba. Granted, the Kyurangers didn't meet Retsu Ichijouji in Space 18 so I don't see any reason why it could cause confusion. I think it should be a dream come true for the Kyurangers and more importantly 32-year old Keisuke Minami to run into Ohba himself. Ohba as Orion could have been a good thing.

Another choice for Orion is Hiroshi Watari who played both Sharivan and Spielban. If Watari could return himself as the promoted Den Iga I think he could have made a cool Orion for Kyuranger. He made a short appearance in Boukenger as Eiji's father. Now why can't he appear in Kyuranger?

Haruki Hamada is another good alternative for Orion. He was pretty good under the role of Change Dragon. I don't see any reason why he can't play a good Orion. Though pun intended, he could also play as Tsurugi Ootori's father in a flashback.

Not to mention, I also had Tota Tarumi who played Jin/Red Flash in mind. Oh I could remember this guy guest-starring in Janperson as a father and in Winspector as an insane criminal who lost his daughter to gangsters. He's badass and he would have made a good Orion.

Did you have any other wishful casting for the character of Orion?


  1. There are a lot of actors that can pull off a current character that is old school and we want them back. Unfortunately some are retired.
    Here is my list of actors that can play Orion.

    5. Takumi Hirose- known for playing bad in Sentai. He had dabble in playing antihero/hero in anime as Ryon in Dagwon and for a hot minute as Matoba Jin.
    Now as only a talent agent he could always return for one more round but as a hero.

    4. Shigeru Kanai- he is no stranger in tokusatsu as he has played B-Fighter G-Stag and of course Mega Silver. He does look like the veteran hero who returns from retirement. However, he is fully retire from acting and is a full time politician!!!

    3. Junichi Hurata- two Sentai series as a Black, being evil in Black(Mad Galant) plenty of guest star in Solbrain, Exceedraft, Kamen Rider Blade, GoOnger and Kyoryugers. We can never get enough of Hurata-San.
    2. Yuta Mochizuki- he did Kamen Rider, he is now famous in the U.S. for Zyuranger and he was also Taxedo Kamen. Time he return in Super Sentai for more guest appearance.
    1. Keichi Wada- he blew us away in Dairanger. Made the most memorable almost forgotten role in Go Go V as Jieg a potential Bangai member. For one minute he was a Kamen Rider as Ryuki 1.
    As he is getting Older he would be perfect as Orion.

    1. @Cyber9989

      Thanks for the reply. I didn't think of them though. Oh yeah, too bad that Shigeru Kanai is now a full time politician. For Wada, why didn't I think of him? Also Haruta could have been a good one though I think he could serve as a Jark Matter monster's disguise for one episode.


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