Kyuranger 32: Rebellion Of Scrap

Okay... sorry for the misleading thumbnail!

This week's episode focuses on Jark Matter's latest plan to blow up the Earth simultaneously. This time, we're going to have the machines of Earth activate on their own by some strange organism. The same plan would reactivate all deactivated Consumarz and force them to explode together. 

Is it me or is Keisuke Minami getting cast as Tsurugi Ootori meant to show there's still a generation gap? He shows he's not too old to play Kyulette Chance but he temporarily assumes the role of commander. This also gives us to this one...

Yup, we have a bit of a joke number which I thought was somewhat forced. I guess writers wanted to let Minami express his inner child with the new generation of Super Sentai cast members. But I think Tsurugi still has a lot to catch up since it's already 2317 in the Kyuranger continuity.

Kukuruga and Dogyun show up. I can't blame Don Armage for getting angry. Akyanba's plan to use Naga ended in failure. The Vice Shoguns somehow remember their defeat 300 years ago and are still having scars from it. Dogyun shows his latest ability.

Dogyun makes the appliances of the Earth rebel all the while reactivating all deactived Consumarz. This is a plan to blow up the whole Earth with the Kyurangers. I think that the plan could have been more effective if Raptor and Lucky didn't end up finding a way to defeat those blob-like organisms.

The episode shows a relationship between Raptor and the Orion. I always thought that maybe, Orion is a sentient being. There's a bit of conflict especially Tsurugi feels that the Orion's time is up. On the other hand, Lucky chooses to believe that Raptor isn't deluding herself.

The Orion reactivates and sacrifices itself but not without teleporting its inhabitants away. This saves the Earth from total destruction. Meanwhile...

Shou Ronpou sees the construction of the new Battle Orion Ship. I guess time is about to shift again. I guess Shou Ronpou and all those who stayed behind 300 years ago are coming back.

Next week, we'll see the new mecha in action. I'll only write about Battle Orion Ship only when I've seen it in action. They go to Constellation Crux which may hint we're going out of the dystopian Earth again for another planet.


  1. You posted a screenshot of KR black rx episode 11

    1. I purposely played it there because the episode reminded me of that episode. =P


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