Kyuranger 41: Darth Vader Arrives

It's time for another bit of Kyuranger episodes. I guess it's always more fun to watch the episodes than for me to give my opinion on the scans and updates provided by the news sites. Now where do I begin? After having some Space Balls in both Space 36 and Space 37 - we're having Star Wars again.

We get a bit of a space battle to break the barrier to the Crux System. Don Armage sure knows how to make everyone's lives hard. I guess he's no Mel Brooks or President Skroob though I have a bad feeling that the barrier is meant to trap air into the atmosphere of the Crux System. They break the shield and we get the start of a big battle.

This scene reminds of the Empire Strikes Back with Darth Vader kneeling before a hologram of Darth Sidious/Emperor Palpatine. Yes, a mysterious figure bows before Don Armage. So who is this guy? He's given the orders to strike Lucky down for a reason. What's going on now?

Entering the Crux System isn't easy. They have to form two teams. One to fight the army of Indavers and the other to deactivate the switch. This scene starts with the good old fodder of suitless fight scenes with the soldiers.

We meet the Menaster the Southern King. He really looks like Black Cross Fuehrer from Himitsu Sentai Goranger. Is it me or does Toei have the cheap habit of recoloring some suits? Gigas Volt from Liveman was later recolored into Dora Talos of Zyuranger. Jetman's cockpit was later reused as Zyuranger's cockpit.

He reveals he has the ability to cast your worst fears. Talk about the worst. This is where he tries to protect the switch from becoming deactivated. He also betrayed his own system rather than fight against Don Armage. This is the real problem when some people care more about themselves than the job they have to do. The Kyurangers manage to break through their fears resulting to a heavy battle and deactivate the switch with the Perseus, Andromeda, Cassiopeia and Cepheus Kyuglobe. Too bad the Menaster was too easily destroyed.

Later, we find the other team has been badly beaten. This results to a painful revelation which we'll soon find. At this point, I feel like I'm in conflict with myself again. Tsurugi is right to call Lucky an idiot. Lucky rushes into the mysterious new foe and gets an awakening. This results to a big clash. After an energy exchange, we discover something that's not too surprising for some.

Yes, the mysterious masked man is King Aslan of Planet Cayenne. I think it's really not too surprising for me. Last time we saw "him" it was a clone created to rule over the planet. I guess Don Armage was saving the best for last huh? IMO, I think Space 37 should have introduced this guy to further deepen the conflict. It could have been better if Lucky met his real father in a real clash in that episode. Then we discover something darker. This reminds me of Jan discovering that the villain Suugu is actually his father Dan or when Ryou discovers that the Choryuu is his father.

Yes, Don Armage is controlling King Aslan. King Aslan tells his son to run when the spell is momentarily broken. Don Armage's illusion appears and says he's controlling King Aslan. Boy, talk about the power of the Dark Side of the Force. It's almost like Anakin Skywalker's struggle with his inner split personality known as Darth Vader. So where is he hiding? I hope he's not just some wimpy guy pretending to be tough and all... though I'd welcome the plot twist that Don Armage is President Skroob type of scenario. Some irresponsible people can appear tough to hide their loser selves. My wild guess right now is that Don Armage is a decrepit old man wearing black like Emperor Palpatine is in Star Wars and the Don Armages were seeing are extensions of himself. Hmmm... talk about what if Demon King Psycho from Sharivan and Grand Lord Crisis from Kamen Rider Black RX have an army of Psychorrors and Colonel Tasmadders (both acting as secondary bodies for the Big Bads) at their disposal?

This causes real trouble. If Lucky's not just Lone Starr he's also Luke Skywalker. I remembered the scene in The Empire Strikes Back. Luke is utterly confused when he discovers Darth Vader is his real father. So how will Lucky deal with it? I hope it gets extended up to the finale. It's too good a plot to just write off immediately.

Next episode. It's already like Luke's dilemma. Luke has to decide between his father Darth Vader and the fate of the whole Universe. I wonder will King Aslan escape? I hope so... and this battle may just be the beginning of the end.