Kyuranger 43: Twas The Fight Before Christmas

It's a good thing Over-Time gave us our Christmas Gift this December 24, 2017. Yes, the year is coming to an end. It's time to think about this week's episode. I did predict a few thing rights and wrong in this episode.

The invasion has just begun. We get a lot of out of suit fighting from the humanoid members of the Kyurangers. It's also fun to see Kotaro do some more out of suit fighting though we already saw Kou from Dairanger and Riki from Ohranger do so.

Meanwhile, there's a bit of teasing of what could be Don Armage's true form. I don't know if I should commend Tsurugi or call him an idiot for doing what he did. He enters right into the room and meets with Don Armage. Don Armage reveals his ultimate plan to restart the Universe in his image. I was right in that area thinking about his master plan. Also, Don Armage reveals what could be his true form and it looks like some kind of bird? Just who is he?

Here's a bit of fight scene that I wish should have been saved in the finale. Lucky gets out of suit and fights his father out of suit. This results to him finally putting the helmet off. Aslan is restored to his normal self. Don Armage appears and reveals he's just turned on the timer for the Universal bomb which could go out within fifteen minutes. Funny this episode IS longer than fifteen minutes.

This results to another fight scene. This reveals how cruel Don Armage can be by using Madako as a shield. The final battle with Madako is set though we also have Don Armage to worry about.

Don Armage reminds everyone that he's immortal or is he? It's probable that like Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious in the Dark Empire comic book series - he's using a lot of spare bodies. Aslan manages to incapacitate Don Armage. The Kyurangers defeat his body but it's revealed that he's managed to cheat death... AGAIN!

This results to Don Armage shorting out the Black Hole Bomb. This would absorb all that destructive energy that Don Armage plans to unleash into the Universe. There's really a difficult choice as one has to stay behind.

This is where I managed to get it right (again) as I guessed Aslan may sacrifice himself. What Aslan did was to make the decision to stay behind. Is it me or do I wish he was saved for the finale? I wanted Lucky and Aslan to fight in front of Don Armage and repeat that Return of the Jedi scene. I wanted to save Aslan for last where he throws Don Armage's final body into the shaft for the finale. This scene was pretty sad to watch. It's a tearful goodbye. This reminds me of Dairanger's tragic Christmas episode and Darth Vader's death in Return of the Jedi.

After the battle with Madako we see the Planet Crux explode. But what we discover is that Don Armage's spirit appears yet again. So how does he keep cheating death or is he using a hologram?  It really leaves the mind baffled.

Lucky is in down spirits. Yup, I can't blame him for feeling bad. It's almost like Luke Skywalker's ending when he can't save his father. They try to cheer him up as the final battle is already at hand for the last few episodes.

They all have their celebration for the meantime. But there's still a battle ahead of them. I guess Tsurugi and Kotaro both decided to cheer everyone up. After all, Lucky still has to fulfill his role as future king and a Kyuranger.

Next two weeks would be a bit of a thriller. I hope writers don't decide to jump the shark with how Don Armage will be dealt with. It looks like Don Armage's true form is revealed which he could be some kind of fearsome monster. Will Tsurugi play an important part again? Good thing it's not a New Year Clip show like they did with Megaranger, Gingaman, GoGoFive, Timeranger, Gaoranger, Dekaranger, Go-Onger and Ninninger - though they could still be entertaining in their own way. Right now, I'm crossing my fingers to what could be the biggest battle yet!


  1. Next episode won't air until January 7th, two weeks from today (December 24th).

  2. Still, I thought Lucky could have just went Shishi Red Orion and used his teleportation powers just as the explosion and black hole go off. Not unless not even said power can cheat that....

    And I hope this won't be the only time there is team effort here. Hope it won't go Kyoryuger where only the Red goes alone to beat the last boss.


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