Did You Know That Hironobu Kageyama Once Sang A Gentleman Thief's Theme Song?

I was just digging some nostalgia while I'm waiting for Kyuranger to end (and yup, I'm finding Spaceballs and Star Wars references), I can't help but dig on nostalgia for the upcoming Super Sentai that would be called as Kaito Sentai Lupinranger vs. Keisatsu Sentai Patoranger. One name stumbled across my mind and it's the name of HIRONOBU KAGEYAMA! Can you guess why?

You may know Hinorobu Kageyama as the person who is a major contributor to singing Anime and Tokusatsu theme songs. Maybe, even casual fans of Super Sentai fans like myself already knew he sang much of the songs of Changeman, Maskman and Jetman. He also sang the Five Robo theme song (Fiveman), the Kakure Dai Shogun theme song (Kakuranger), the Red Puncher theme song (Ohranger), Victory Fight (Ohranger), Dynamic Soul (Gaoranger), Hurricanger's ending theme, Dino Guts (Abaranger) and he was involved in Kamen Rider EX-AID's Gashat themes.

Whether you know this or not - he was actually involved in singing a cover version of the theme song of Lupin III for a live audience. Before that, there was the instrumental only version but the second season produced itself gave vocals to the theme. I remembered listening to the Lupin III vocal themes and thinking that it had the same freaking voice as some of the Super Sentai opening themes or the Dragon Ball Z theme song. Wow, that's a lot of contribution this guy made. The original singer for Lupin III's theme song would be Ichiro Mizuki. Strangely, Mizuki also sang insert songs for Boukenger and Gokaiger - both series involving adventures. Lupinranger would be pirates seeking for treasures hidden by Arsene Lupin which could destroy the world if they fell into the wrong hands.

With that in mind, I hope he would actually show his support for newer school Super Sentai by singing the opening theme or an insert theme. Either way, I wish he will get involved with the show because he sang the Lupin III theme song.