Kyuranger 44: Don Armage Is... ?!

This week's episode reveals who Don Armage is. Nope it's not one of them and I'm just using the Spaceballs screenshot for some weird humor. No, Don Armage is NOT Mel Brooks either. So who is he? Just read and find out!

Pega-San is back though why did it take the writers SO LONG before they brought him back? I thought he could have been used a couple more times. I guess, he could have a fallen, forgotten Bandai Merchandise. The downside has always been too many ideas can leave potential unmet huh? Pegasus then learns about Don Armage and everyone recalls their adventures. One of them is where they find out he's been cheating death one way or another. 

Everyone goes for the Kuervos System and lands on Planet Verona. They are there only to find out that Jark Matter has created a new kind of Consumarz. Tsurugi also recalls his past here 300 years ago and how it was used as a concentration camp... back when the technology was much lower.

Tsurugi recalls his adventures with Cuervo with how they were liberating from prisoners of war in a concentration camp. They vowed to create a legend and taken down the universal tyrant Don Armage.

Professor Anton in his brain form appears and tells them that there's a new invention called Dark Planesium. Why Professor Anton would still cooperate with Don Armage's plan is beyond me. He also reveals his new creation a Boss Worm though it seems it was just there to take up space.

It's power up time! The battle begins with some more new additional forms. IMO, this could have been done earlier or not? So what's this? An emergency toy sale measure? I wish that Hammy did her Sailor Moon tribute way earlier. Regardless, it's still a cool fight scene but I feel like it arrives too late. 

Meanwhile, Tsurugi starts suffering from heart aches. Is this guy having some kind of disease or what? Is it a complication from being cryogenically frozen? I don't know but his life is certainly in danger. Looks like 300 years of aging may soon return to his body. I have a feeling that Tsurugi may soon join the list of deceased Super Sentai warriors.

Here's the kicker. Don Armage finally reveals his true identity. Tsurugi only had a faint clue to who Don Armage was. His former comrade? This soon reveals that Don Armage could be Cuervo. The use of "boku" which is a personal pronoun between comrades was used in Space 43. It's revealed that after Don Armage's supposed defeat that he may have entered into a wounded Cuervo's body.

Yup, we're seeing the Crow Form again this time in full detail. It looks pretty weird if you ask me. I kinda wish it were darker and more sinister looking though. He's probably in his strongest in this form. 

 Tsurugi tries to plead with Cuervo/Don Armage but this is all that's said. He mocks Tsurugi saying, "Possessed? Who's possessed? I am Don Armage!" Here's my latest speculation behind it. If Don Armage isn't possessing Cuervo and if is truly Cuervo then what really happened? Don Armage must have used an astral projection of himself back in the battle. Cuervo may have purposely "injured" himself and later, we see Don Armage return back to what could be his true body. Or two, the real Cuervo has been dead all along prior to the huge battle and Don Armage was masquerading as him at some point to fool Tsurugi.

What's not surprising is that Don Armage's plan for the Earth is that he plans to use it as a backup plan. They got rid of his Universal Bomb? Well, he's going to use the Earth as his new universal bomb. Don Armage may have been using Earth to fuel his operations since it may be the planet with the richest Planesium. It almost reminds me of what Peebo said in Bioman that the Earth is the greatest wonder in the Universe. In Flashman, Mess found it to be the best source of their genetic experiments. In this Universe, Don Armage already knew how the Earth is so rich in Planesium that he could use it as a bomb.
Next week, it's back to Earth and we have four more episodes left. We're in the finale arc to take back the Universe. This would be a huge showdown between the Kyurangers and Jark Matter. I hope that we will get an epic conclusion.

Meanwhile, I wonder what's risking Tsurugi's life? Is he like Burai actually living on a time limit? Did he hide something? I have a feeling that he only has but a few days or even hours to live and that only the Phoenix Power is keeping him alive at this point.

Also, we already have the trailer for the next Super Sentai series. We're already seeing the two groups clash thus making versus really a versus. I even wonder why in the world are Super Sentai Crossovers have VS. in them if both teams are actually cooperating? Also, why was the late 90s hit game X-Men vs. Street Fighter called as such when we see Cyclops and Ryu having an alliance at the beginning? Now only if I could get that clarified. 

Next week, don't expect any episode updates on Kyuranger unless I feel like doing so. Instead, I may cram in the last four episodes in one huge review for the finale battle for the Universe!