Kyuranger 46: Between Hope And Despair

Hope, despair... Haruto just where are you right now?!

Kyuranger is coming to an end which brings your typical good news/bad news scenario. Good news is, it would be time for a new series (and hopefully, Lupiranger vs. Patoranger will be able to carry out its ambitious idea) but we're seeing some dark gates open. But what's a finale without them?

The mission is clearly not easy. Don Armage inside Cuervo's body is going to use the Earth as a bomb. He's made sure it's well guarded and he won't take any chances. He wants to succeed and restart everything as he sees fit.

The genius behind the plan is this. Don Armage wants to make sure that his plan succeeds so he has to keep it well-guarded. Both Lucky and Tsurugi managed to enter the headquarters to fight Don Armage. 

 I admit, the battle is pretty much intense. Don Armage traps Lucky inside a dimension of despair. He wants to continue psychologically torturing Tsurugi. How cruel can Don Armage get? First, he takes over the dead body of Cuervo and now uses that memory to torture Tsurugi. Apparently, whenever Don Armage takes over a body he blends in with that person's dark side. Talk about nightmares! Fortunately, Lucky breaks out in time!

The heroes finally arrive to try and finish Don Armage off. The bad news is that Tsurugi himself is already dying. His chest pains keep happening. What's really going on? Did him giving his life force to save Lucky do it? Did him sacrificing his immortality 300 years ago cause this? Regardless, a lot of children may release a lot of despair in the final episode! Boy, a lot of Phantom Holes may be created in the final episode and the Sanzu River may be flooded with children's tears soon enough!

The Consumarz is destroyed but it's not over. Tsurugi must settle things with his "old friend" who is no longer alive. This is a big issue as you've got to deal with despair!

Don Armage further tortures Tsurugi with Cuervo's image. Weakened, Don Armage in the form of Cuervo decides to finish things off but it fails. Tsurugi destroys Cuervo's body. It feels like it's over but it isn't. This is one scary scene. Okay Toei, are you trying to open up more despair right now? First, there's probably children hiding under the blankets as Tsurugi's time is running out. Looks like Haruto will need to work double time to stop those Phantom Holes from opening from the children watching this show!

 If that's not all, now Commander Shou Ronpou sacrifices himself. Is it me or will we see the commander die as well? Don Armage in his Phoenix Form absorbs Shou Ronpou. Boy, WTH Toei? I could imagine all the negative energy gathering around right now. I wonder how many children cried watching this scene? If I were still a child, I would probably cry really hard right now!

Lucky tries to keep himself positive but how long can it last? The final battle is on and no war is without casualties. While some people are emotionally prepared for the worst (older fans) but what about the children? I could imagine a lot of parents having to tell their children that Tsurugi may die and may be for the best. What about Shou Ronpou? Boy, this is suspense!

Next week will be an intense episode. Right now, it's best to assume that Tsurugi and maybe Shou Ronpou won't make it. What's a war without casualties, right? I admit, I'm expecting a big finale just right now.