Kyuranger 47: Can The Kyurangers Stop The Countdown To Destruction?

Yup, it's the final countdown to destruction for Kyuranger. We're in the second to the last episode and it's going to be intense. What amazed me was that everything wrapped up early last year as far as filming is concerned. So what's next? 

Don Armage is now absorbing the Planesium into himself in his plan to recreate the Universe in his image. Earlier on, he already possessed the body of Tsurugi and now he's using it for his own power. I think Don Armage switches bodies for a reason -- all the host bodies will run out of their capacity to house his dark spirit sooner or later. I guess Cuervo's corpse' being a corpse couldn't hold much of Don Armage's essence so he shifts to another body.

The Kyurangers are discussing about the final battle. It's an emotional time. If this were pretty much the 80s or 90s where darker and edgier Super Sentai was the trend -- this may be even more emotional. But I still appreciate the lighter and softer Super Sentai but maybe not as much. I could feel everyone's feelings here. It's not an easy time as the final battle is just around the corner!

Yup, you have a massive armada though is it me or should Don Armage have just prepared something like the Death Star to blow them up into oblivion instead of just this massive army? The Kyurangers enter with their suits and start beating up the army but it's not easy. In fact, they all end up getting exhausted and doing the usual fodder of beating up mooks out of suit in an effort to win.

I love how Naga develops in this episode. He and Tenbin manage to show their partnership. Naga's display of fear also helps him develop here. What's truly astounding is that they still have their determination even when they're all fighting out of suit and injured!

Don Armage shows he's a master of psychological torture. When he was using Cuervo's body -- he used it against Tsurugi. Now he's using Tsurugi's personality to psychologically torture Lucky. Lucky may be an idiot but this time -- he's emotionally stronger than he used to be. He doesn't carve in to the psychological torture that's done by Don Armage.

 After injuring Hammy, I thought this is one CRAZY scene. Previously, Shou Ronpou got absorbed as Planesium. Now he absorbs almost all the Kyurangers into himself! This is something completely new for a villain to absorb the heroes into himself or is it? I'm just reminded of Apocalypse again in X-Men where he sought the powers of The Twelve or  some villains absorbing others into themselves. In this case, it's the HEROES he's absorbing into himself!

This results to a dark battle and the darkness emphasizes it. Don Armage further tortures Lucky and I really like this scene. Lucky knows his chances are very slim but he still fights. The Supreme Kyu Globe is broken and it looks like Don Armage is winning.

However, something happens -- the Kyurangers inside Don Armage manage to defeat him from within. Yup this is one powerful scene that really made my day. They manage to take advantage of his greed to injure him.

The Kyurangers are finally reunited from outside. If the Planesium has helped Tsurugi then it looks like he will live after all. Maybe, Haruto will have less of a job to clean up the despair of children or is it? This one has everyone joining in and the Supreme Kyu Globe is restored.

I guess this is Don Armage's true form and the bird form was only because he previously had Cuervo. Back to that, I want to emphasize a bit more on what my wishful thinking was. If you've played Megaman X: Command Mission and finished it -- you may realize that Colonel Redips was disguised as Spider all along. I wished that Cuervo was just a disguise but it turned out that he was using a dead man's body. Too typical though. Also, I kinda wished Don Armage here looked more like a deformed old man like Emperor Palpatine in Star Wars.

To make things worse, I really can't believe what he's doing. He absorbs everyone into himself. Talk about crazy. I really feel sorry for all the innocent people here. How will the Kyurangers free them?
This results to a new form which I find disappointing. I was expecting something dark and gothic or scary. Oh well... but I can't wait to see how they'll free everyone from his body.

Next week, the final battle is coming forth! Hmmm... by the looks of the preview, did Toei hire Michael Bay to direct certain episodes? Meanwhile, I can't wait to see Lupinranger vs. Patoranger which I want to sing the Lupin III theme song anytime soon!