What Could Be The Real Reason Behind The Neo-Jetman Arc?

This just brings back memories whether it's my crude and unrefined humor (which led to an old shame where I laughed so evilly while writing said story) or just the fact that I tend to be unreasonable towards people. Heck, there are times Ichijou just reminds me of how I tend to be that petty towards others (such as when I slapped a working student when I could have just reported her over to the authorities for her misbehavior) or how uncontrolled jealousy can be dangerous to anyone. Shogo B'Stard has been reviewing Chojin Sentai Jetman (and I have my extreme favoritism for that show) and I want to review on the two Jetman episodes that focused on the Neo-Jetman episodes (40-41). These were written by sub-writer Kenichi Araki. Even better, we get to see Yuuta Mochizuki in action giving viewers a hint that he would be Geki in Zyuranger.

Radiguet, Maria and Gure were planning to overthrow the man-child Tranza. This plot was somewhat copied into GoGoFive when Drop is force-grown into Salamandes by Grand Bitch Grandienne. The scene creates a new Bio Dimensional Beast known as Meteorite BEM. These episodes also shows how the man-child Tranza can be that dangerous. Boy, talk about man-child villains such as Tranza and Salamandes stealing the spotlight, right? Tranza manages to get a piece of the Meteorite BEM which allows it to be revived in the Jetman base causing a bigger crisis.

The new monster contains a form of energy similar to the Anti-Bio Energy in Bioman. It's probably good that most Super Sentai series are self-contained (take note to that who also think Toei hasn't made up its mind how certain events happen in one series after the other) though I'd still like to imagine turning Balzion's remains into a Bio-Dimensional beast. This new monster negates the Birdonic Waves in the Jetman and they lose their powers and the Neo-Jetman team arrives. At first, they're cocky and arrogant but deep within, they still have some humanity left which can be explained in this episode.

Do you remember the rather "valid excuse" that Radiguet says that humans are bastards as if he was any better? Radiguet does look like a picture of how screwed up humanity can get if you ask me. Well, Ichijou proves just how screwed up humanity can get in two episodes where he ends up as the "main villain". He treats the Neo-Jetmen as replaceable objects rather than people. He could care less if they died in the line of duty since he could always replace them. He even lied that there's no way the Jetmen could get their powers back. It shows how and why Aya Odagiri deserved her spot. Maybe Ichijou was actually smarter than she was intellectually but guess who's better. Aya shows she can handle things much better than that psychopath commander.

The battle for a middle ground is set. Ichijou is overly bearing, petty and unreasonable. Aya as the anti-thesis of said character as she knows when to be lenient and when to be strict. Aya is a well-grounded individual where authority respects creativity. This shows the performance of how the Jetmen developed as heroes. Ako shows she's not some stupid girl that she seems to be by getting a communicator device. The Neo-Jetmen sacrifice their powers so the real heroes can take back the spotlight. The newly powered up suits counter the "anti-Bio Particles" of the monster and they save the day.

The two episodes may be trying to teach a moral lesson to parents and children alike. Being like Ichijou backfires badly. Heck, I even wish that Toshiki Inoue wrote these episodes and we see Ichijou really die at the hands of the monster (thanks for the idea, Shogo). Aya shows the balance of strictness and leniency where both are needed to run an effective organization. The Neo-Jetmen also show how you should make the right decisions before it's too late. Don't wait until you enter into a very deep crisis like they did before they decide to help out the real deal.


  1. Besides the hidden social commentary. It is a good two parter arc to illustrate that the JDF has developed technology via Kaizo Ningen to fight Vyram.
    With the myriad characters that could have had more but the staff are persistent to rid them quickly Neo Jetmen only had the two appearance. Besides X-1 Mask, the NJ team are hinting 6th or Bangai members. Kai Ikari never got a Neo Jetman key for his disposal.

    Neo Jetman was not totally forgotten as they did appear in the Manga. Last I saw they piloted the Bird Garuda and was totally destroyed by the Radiguet Tranza monster.


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