Wishful Thinking: My Own Imagined Backstory For Don Armage

As Kyuranger comes to an end and we're just one episode away to the finale -- I just want to express my opinion on how or what I wish Don Armage was written in the series. I know that I do like the show but it doesn't mean there isn't some friendly criticism I'd like to give towards the series.

One idea I wanted to happen is the idea of Don Armage is actually Cuervo -- or that Cuervo is a disguise of Don Armage. It's confirmed that the Cuervo that is Don Armage is but the villain possessing a dead body. I wanted it to happen where he disguised himself as Cuervo, fooled Tsurugi and decided to take away the immortality of the Phoenix. It could have been cool if he was given the concept that he could control multiple bodies like Grand Lord Crisis in Kamen Rider BLACK RX or Demon King Psycho in Sharivan. But they just decided to go on with him possessing dead bodies for some reason. Maybe, it's to avoid complicating things too much or executive meddling.

But if I were the one deciding how he'd go -- this is how he'd go. It's going to be pretty weird and don't say I didn't warn you. Ready to read it and got your senses ready? Well, I thought about certain segments where Don Armage hides some secret on Earth only on in the series. Why was he hiding that secret? I loved to raise the implication that he could be secretly human. It turns out that Earth would have served for his backup for his ultimate plan to destroy the Universe. Due to all the Star Wars references -- I would base him on the one and only Emperor Palpatine of Star Wars instead of looking like the Yuuzhan Vong from the later stories in the Legends continuity.

So what's my imagined story? I could make him some evil politician on Earth who secretly learned the dark arts of the Jark Matter. I would make it that the Jark Matter was once some secret organization similar to the Sith. This version of Don Armage was once a human from Earth of humble birth but learned the power of Jark Matter sorcery rather quickly -- even learning to cheat death after that. I got that bit of references from the Dark Empire Trilogy of Star Wars Legends where Emperor Palpatine revived himself through various clones of himself.

Do you remember the episode when Lucky thought he destroyed Don Armage but it was just a clone? I would probably reveal that Don Armage first reveals he has a human form and that the withered, demonic form is a result of the use of the power of the Jark Matter. His aim for universal domination was his thirsting drive and he would control various alien races to help him. He aimed to take over the Space Confederacy and convert it into the Galactic Empire -- something that Jark Matter aimed and meditated against the Saviors. It would be a long plan and Don Armage would be the one to fulfill the plan of Jark Matter to rule the Universe. Him -- once a simple Earth human would one day be the biggest terror in the Universe in the year 2317. He keeps himself alive through various dark spells as his powers would work against his body. 

As for the Cuervo plot, I think I would reveal it that he learned to transform himself into a malevolent spirit. After Cuervo gets killed, he immediately decides to use Cuervo's corpse as a temporary host body so he could use the powers of the Corvus System since the dark side is so strong there. He does that but still seeks to possess Tsurugi's body so he could attain the power of the Phoenix Kyutama and rule the Universe forever. He would soon allow his latest borrowed body as Cuervo to be destroyed so he could take over Tsurugi's body as his own.

If I could also establish a bit of the whole "I was your friend in the past..." -- I would do it this way. I would actually make this once a seemingly humble Earth man and a great person who is looked up to by everyone at first. Make him like Emperor Palpatine during the pre-Galactic Empire days where not so many are aware of his evil accomplishments. Maybe, Tsurugi would have once admired this guy and can't believe his eyes. Maybe, build a bit of drama where he plans to deceive both Cuervo and Tsurugi. He doesn't reveal whatever sorcery he has and Tsurugi stars in disbelief to know that a man so admired 300 years ago is actually the one causing the terror in the Universe in the current time. Tsurugi stares in disbelief and soon talks about a certain someone who he once admired is also the same guy who they must destroy.

It would be revealed that Don Armage has been cheating death several times in between events. After they supposedly destroy him 300 years in the past -- he simply finds a new body and he also uses clones to cheat death. Then he takes over Cuervo's body to learn the secrets of the Space Federation and then take over it. He uses whatever alchemy he has to use his human form and start reorganizing it into the Space Shogunate Jark Matter. He also seeks Tsurugi's body to complete the task into achieving his immortality. Plus, he plans to destroy the Universe (but he has some safe space where he's not affected) and reshape it as he sees fit.

Now just be ready for my wishful thinking which I may insert into next week's finale. I may have some of my nitpicks to an otherwise fun series. =P