How Many Arsene Lupin-Related Literature And Media Have You Tried Reading Or Watching Before February 11, 2018?

As I watched Lupiranger vs. Patranger -- I want to suddenly ask myself and readers this question, "How much Arsene Lupin-related media have you read or watched anyway?" The answer may be very few considering the age of the Lupin novels and films. I really don't get surprised if not everyone is all too interested in watching old school media while they may enjoy reading classical literature at the same time. The same may go for the Lupin-related media.

The story of Arsene Lupin goes back to the way to the books of Maurice Le Blanc. They are very much classical literature so I can understand why some new school fans haven't even heard or read them -- and even not take interest in them at all due to the generation gap issues. Then we ended up having decades later adaptations or alternate continuities. Heck, I'm even not surprised that there were Arsene Lupin films during the 1930s to 1940s as well as a couple of TV series -- such as a 1970s TV series based on Arsene Lupin. In 2004, we also had a French film called Arsene Lupin which I would take more interest in than watching the old school movies.

In my case, my knowledge with Lupin is pretty much very limited! The first time I heard of Lupin was with the French cartoon series Night Hood in my late tens and the Lupin the Third Anime series in my teens. Arsene Lupin III in the Anime would be the grandson of Arsene Lupin -- and Night Hood's character was based on his grandfather. Only that Lupin III is half-Japanese and his main rival is Detective Zenigata (who was based on Detective Cannimard who was his paternal grandfather's rival) -- and Detective Ganimard only made a very small appearance.

I wouldn't be wanting to dig more about the origins of Arsene Lupin if this year's Super Sentai didn't try to become another alternate continuity to Le Blanc's book. We've had Lupin III, we've had Night Hood and now we've got Lupinranger vs. Patranger -- then it's time to throw the Arsene Lupin challenge to see how many Lupin-related media has one watched! Hehe! I admit, I've lost and now what about you? Maybe you've won!