I Still Find Jasmine's Marriage To Hikaru To Be Extremely Awkward

It's no secret that there's an upcoming Kyuranger vs. Space Sheriff movie and I thought of the Gavan vs. Dekaranger movie. These movies seem to connect to the Dekaranger 10 Years After Movie which I didn't enjoy and I hope NO MORE ten years after movies. Now it's time to discuss about the really WTF screwed up coupling that happened in Dekaranger. Ayumi Kinoshita's marriage left broken hearts and they were most likely coming from children below ten years old (Reminds me of crying over an actress when I was that age!). Now, I'd like to discuss the whole WTF moment where Hikaru Hiwatari became Jasmine's husband of ALL PEOPLE!

I guess Naruhisa Arakawa is already heading towards Burnout Ville since 2014 with how things turn out. I thought that Sen and Umeko should have already been married off-screen. Seeing them marry in Gavan vs. Dekaranger makes me want to cry because the wedding didn't happen MUCH earlier. Then we have the whole idea where Jasmine married that ESP child of ALL PEOPLE. I wonder what in the world was really going on?

Let's do the Math. If Dekaranger. Add ten years then he would be 18 years old. If he were ten back then -- then he would be 20. If we're going to think when did they even get married? Has the age of legality been reduced or what? It's explained that both of them were ESPerers and got attracted to each other, got married and had a child together. For me, it's been one awkward romance if you ask me. I wonder how the plot would have affected Ryuji Sainei considering he got married some time ago. I'd probably be WTFed about it.

I admit, I still feel it's been WTFed one way or another. Hoji and Jasmine had SO MUCH chemistry (though this is also because Hoji is my favorite Dekaranger that I wanted him to be with Jasmine) to why these two didn't end up together in paper. So I wonder why was it even tossed out of the window? I thought the two would have probably gotten along better. I'm now even thinking of what could happen next -- so don't tell me Hoji will date that young alien girl Erika from episodes 3-4 next considering the actress is now all grown up? Could have been really worse if Hoji married her at such a young age at the same time Jasmine marries a man at such a young age. Double jeopardy!

What are your thoughts of this really unusual coupling in Dekaranger?


  1. Yeah, I"m not a fan of Jasmine/Hikaru either. As friends, yeah, but not as a romantic pairing. I'm more of a Hoji/Jasmine fan myself.


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