Kyuranger 48: The Universe Is Saved And The Upcoming VS. Space Sheriff Movie

It's the final episode and this is the final chapter of the legend of Kyuranger. Well, I think the whole ending was revised several times to avoid ruining the fun. So how did it end? 

The Kyurangers are at their most desperate moment. It's a fight between them and Don Armage absorbing plenty of people right into him. This is the real fight for the finish. They won't go down without a fight and it's going to be one legendary battle in some way. 

As figured out, Don Armage isn't going down without a fight. He's ragged around like a doll yet he fights back. He reveals he's got power over all the negative energy of the Universe. Wait, doesn't that sound just like someone way back in 1999? Yup!

Don Armage is born from negative energy personified. It's almost a throwback to Grand Bitch Grandienne in GoGoFive. He was born out of despair and the time lapse that took him to gain consciousness is unknown. But that's one terrifying thought that in this continuity -- he's negative energy personified. Right now, I just wish that they destroyed him and he disperses himself as the negative energy of the Universe for two episodes like GoGoFive's rather dark finale. But I guess that idea was dismissed as well.

However, the Kyurangers all make a stand and fight back. Fortunately, yes -- fortunately -- Tsurugi doesn't die out! He's already recovered from his condition thanks to Don Armage's using his body to absorb Planesium in the previous episode. I guess Tsurugi was supposedly scheduled to die but the executives kicked in -- and let him live instead! I guess killing Tsurugi would get rid of the otherwise light tone of the show -- though don't forget we had a watered down Return of the Jedi scene in Space 43 -- Lucky's father sacrifices himself so the main cast can live on.

Is it me or is there some tribute to Gohan vs. Cell here? The Kyurangers release all their energy to defeat him. Cool CGI and everything -- they finally defeat him in his normal size. I'm glad that Don Armage shows he's not going to go down without a fight.

I think the giant battle scene is pretty boring and the weakness of this episode. Sure, there's some cool CGI and the Universe is now helping them. I wish all the mecha showed up for the finale. Sigh -- but I guess it's all about time constraints. They defeat him but it's not the end. The final battle isn't over yet.

Don Armage shrinks back to normal size. Now he plans to do his latest desperate move -- he's going to use Lone Starr Lucky's body as his next host! Lucky is sent to the cold vacuum of space! He plans to kill Lucky and use his body next! Talk about crazy. He killed Cuervo and later used the latter's body as his own. He tried to take over a dying Tsurugi's body. Now he's going to use Lucky as his latest host! What the f*** is wrong with this motherf*cker and what's with him and taking over bodies?

This doesn't work well and the Kyurangers finally use whatever power they have left. Lucky literally rides on a meteorite to help in the battle. Don Armage is finally destroyed or is he? Well, looks like he has no more bodies to inhabit. His negative energy may have been dispersed destroying him and saving the Universe.

We get to see the Kyurangers two years later. Fortunately, Tsurugi lives on though he still has to keep adjusting to life 300 years later. It almost reminds me of Gaoranger's finale where Shirogane still wanders the Earth -- trying to adjust to the modern world when he was born in an ancient world. Stinger becomes the commander which may suggest Shou Ronpou retired. They are still working on restoring the Universe.

I don't know but is this scene a tribute to Space Balls? It's almost like Lucky is Lone Starr and Garu is Barf in this final scene. Lucky is going around helping restore the Universe. it's a misadventure when they crash down back on Earth meeting everyone. So far, it's a good series though I still could criticize the finale a bit with the mecha battle -- but that's it. It's still a good series but take note that I never consider anything as without wrong. So far it's a good series and I like it. I'll just write a guest review for Kyuranger soon enough.

And now for the upcoming VS. Movie...

Yup, the rumors are true -- there's going to be a Kyuranger VS. Space Squad Movie. I didn't want to make even a single reaction because I could have been misled by a rumor -- but it's true. It's finally coming and I think this would be an opportunity to relive one's childhood while enjoying something new at the same time. For Keisuke Minami it's his childhood while the rest may still be trying to fill in the gaps. It reminds me of a generation gap issue is still ever present. I think this movie is trying to close on it.

According to Tokusatsu News Network -- the plot supposedly takes place after the defeat of Don Armage in the final episode. This would be a bit of childhood bits and pieces for everyone -- you have Geki Jumonji/Gavan II and Shu Karusama/Shaider II who will be the joining in. So where int he world is second Sharivan? It just doesn't feel complete without him! Will this be a sequel to Gavan vs. Dekaranger? Maybe yes, maybe no and I kind of want to treat Dekaranger 10 Years after up to this point as what if scenarios. I feel like Dekaranger's actual continuity should be left to viewer's decision now. IMO -- there should be a Super Robot Wars type game based on Super Hero Taisen if that's the case because a movie is never enough.

Other details involve Nobuhiro Mori as the writer (and he's Kyuranger's head writer) and action director Koichi Sakamoto. I'm just glad that Sakamoto is back to focusing on Tokusatsu action scenes after the fiasco called that poorly written Girl's Blood film. I could still remember all the good action scenes he produces. Hopefully, we'll see a lot of that in the upcoming film and I hope he won't be tempted to turn it into Ecchi Hentai Kyuranger. Seeing that Sakamoto directed two of the Space Sheriff sequel films may explain why he's doing this film.

What's interesting is that Kei Hosogai (another J-Drama regular like Keisuke Minami) who plays Basco has been spotted according to Nihon Hero. Is Basco appearing or is Hosogai plauing a differnet character? This suddenly made me wish that Kyuranger happened last year as Super Sentais 40th anniversary (but too late to fix that) and will we also see the Gokaigers? I still feel Gokaiger would have had better flavor fighting alongside Kyuranger than Zyuohger -- even if the two belong to two separate continuities.

Just had me thinking -- if Hosogai is destined to reprise his role as Basco then what will that sadistic troll do? Just thinking about it makes me think that maybe Basco will be the main antagonist for the crossover movie. I wonder what's the plot. I'll just have to wait and watch for now!