Lupinrager VS. Patranger Number 3: The Artistic Snail

I couldn't think of a good Lupin III cover picture so I decided to settle for a screenshot instead. So where do we start? I thought of the suspense we had last episode and here's what we get...

That's right -- it turns out to be that the Patrangers haven't discovered the true identity of the Lupinrangers yet. They just went there to have a meal but have to go when the next Gangler namely Namero Bacho is vandalizing the city with his art! 

Meanwhile, I wonder how did Kogure get into the place so fast? This looks like it's going to be one funny series. He gets the Lupin Collection into that book.

The Patrangers are in one sticky situation. Patren-2 gets stuck in snail goo and it gets him stuck. The Lupinrangers get away which I could imagine Detective Zenigata's dubbed phrases or "Onore Lupin!!!!" with this scene.

The Lupirangers are in sort of a crisis this time. It's revealed that Tooma wanted to steal the VS Changers of the Lupinrangers. If you remember in Number 2, the Lupin Collection will grant one wish. This brings us to some memories which makes him cry.

He has a girlfriend named Aya who died in the past. I wonder is he trying to bring her back through that ONE WISH? I think so. Poor him as he's still stuck with that memory. I don't blame him for feeling that way. I would feel that way if I were him.

I dunno but right now, I just wish the subtitles were gag-subbed in Tagalog in this scene. There's a witness with sound only. Is it me or is the police force here THAT STUPID? Then again, since when was Detective Zenigata known for his intelligence and competence as a detective? 

Yup, it turns out that Kairi Yano is doing the Lupin. Again, this is another scene where I wish I had Tagalog gag-subs right at that moment! I wish that Kairi was taunting Keiichiro or something. But enough of that!

We get a bit of a moral lesson with Sakuya. While he does seem to be that stupid but he probably has more brains than his superior Keiichiro. Commander Hilltop gives an important lesson about making up for mistakes in work at work. What a lesson to take by heart!

The Patrangers fall for it and get into a literally sticky situation. As said, are they THAT stupid? Commander Masaki from Winspector or Solbrain would have probably sent them for special training. I think the likes of Ryoma from Winspector, Daichi from Solbrain and Hayate from Exceedraft would have probably taken that audio only message with a grain of salt.

It turns out that the Lupinrangers have used them as bait. This was an ingenious scheme. It's like using Detective Zenigata and the policemen as bait to capture a greater criminal than Lupin III.

This was also one badass moment. Patren-2 manages to get his resolve together and free his team from a literally stick situation. It's got to be one of the best moments ever.

Using Good Striker does a different effect on the Lupinrangers. While it temporarily fuses the Patrangers into one warrior -- this one makes Lupin Red have two more bodies to triple up the power.

 As it turns out, Good Striker is required for Lupin Kaiser at Pat Kaiser. I just have a feeling that someday, somehow -- both teams will have to put their differences aside. I mean, there have been some moments when Lupin III and Detective Zenigata had to team up to defeat much more powerful villains in certain episodes or movies of Lupin III. The fight scene managed to improve what Dekaranger did 14 years ago with Dekaranger Robo's first fight scene. Hopefully, we'll see more improvement going on.

Is it me or do I want to get cracky right now? Sakuya gains some interest in Umika. Keiichiro tries to stop that from happening. This could be a crack ship especailly when Sakuya takes an interest in her without knowing that she's their "enemy". Hmmm... I wish this will be elaborated in future episodes. 

Next week, a kidnapping case is going on. The Patrangers and Lupinrangers will get entangled again. Hmmm... I wonder what treasure is there to get next week?


  1. Yoichi Nukumizu who playing as Kogure has frequently act as comedic characters in many jdrama..


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