Lupinranger VS. Patranger Number 2: International Police, Chase After Them

Yup, the conflict of Kaito Sentai Lupinranger vs. Zenigata Keisatsu Sentai Patranger has just begun! Last episode showed that both have a common enemy (the Ganglers) but both can't work out with each other. The Lupinrangers have been employed by the yet to be seen descendant of Arsene Lupin III while the Patrangers are out there to arrest both teams. 

We see how bullheaded and stupid Detective Zenigata Keiichiro can be. The fight between the two Super Sentai trios can be very amusing with all the laser gun violence going on. This really makes me question what direction is the series trying to have? The two series have a common enemy yet they can't even put their differences aside.

Summoning the mecha scenes was loads of fun with CGI. One scene almost reminded me of the 90s Jetman opening where the Jet Birds are reflected by glass windows. This time, it's a beautiful combination of CGI and whatever props were used. We see some massive battle action. I could imagine what if Detective Zenigata decided to go to the extremes to hunt Lupin III down.

 This scene almost made me wish I heard "Babayu detektib!" or "Bye bye detective." from the Tagalog dub of Lupin III. Sheesh just how stupid can Patren-1 get? He recklessly makes his car fly off (and it's NOT a flying vehicle) and he attempts to invade the cockpit of a jetplane? I can't imagine how they filmed this scene with CGI and green screens involved. Regardless, I admit the directors gave me a heart attack with such an impressive scene where Patren-1 falls into the water.

Even if Keiichiro is THAT stupid but he's a devoted police officer. He wants to help people who were victimized by the Ganglers. I admire this guy in spite of his utter lack of common sense in many scenes. Kairi was in the crowd while Keiichiro is unaware of the Lupinrangers' identity at this point.

A flashback from a year ago happens. Loved ones and friends of the Lupinrangers are lost. So we're getting some vibes from Boukenger, Kamen Rider Ryuki AND Kamen Rider Gaim. There can be one wish granted -- and the Lupinrangers want their loved ones back. Lupin's current descendant (who is yet to be seen) promises them that. I found this scene pretty nightmarish like the Ice Dopant plot in Kamen Rider W.

The Lupinrangers have this huge challenge. How can they get the Collection Item back if the Patrangers keep interfering? It reminds me of how Lupin III and his group want to get certain items but Detective Zenigata is always there.

This also has a bit of dramatic scenes. The Lupinrangers are not thieves without honor. Lupin Blue wanted to shoot the Patrangers but this is what happens. Lupin Red stops Lupin Blue because of a scene that happened earlier.

The Patrangers show their rather weird powers. They use the Pat Megabo to control the Pordermen. It's cheesy but it gets the job done.

 This tri-fusion process is pretty weird if you ask me. The other two become armor pieces for Patren-1 which causes some arguments later. Boy, these three will have to figure out how to work as one mind to take full advantage of this powerful form.

Goche Ru Medou shows up playing the same role as Naria in Zyuohger. What's even stranger (or not) is that they have the same suit actor namely Ayana Takesatsu. She revives the fallen Gangler which gives us the mecha scenes.


 This scene features the arrival of the Good Striker -- who is a sentient mecha who would merge with both the mecha of the Lupinrangers and Patrangers. In this episode, we see the arrival of Lupinkaiser (and we will see Patkaiser in the next episode) in action. So how will one mecha get involved with the two rival factions?

I admit, having the CGI is really impressive with how the new school mecha battles go. They don't have to keep relying on suit actors and stop motion. Nope. We see some advanced fight scenes that go beyond the usual expectation. It's a pretty fun mecha fight.

The ending scene has the Lupinrangers run across the Patrangers. The Patrangers arrive in the restaurant but do they already know who the Patrangers are? I'm already having some suspense because right now -- I want to insert more Lupin III jokes in the process. What will happen next is giving me more suspense.

Next week will have the Patrangers and Lupinrangers in a sticky situation. Will the Patrangers and Lupinrangers put their differences aside OR will the bullheaded Keiichiro continue in his quest to be the show's Zenigata? Hehe!