Wishful Thinking: Hiroshi Miyauchi As Commissioner Kenji Inui In GoGoFive

I was thinking about GoGoFive and I thought about one character named Kenji Inui. He was a minor character with five episode appearances. He first appeared as a rival to Professor Mondo Tatsumi. After watching some Exceedraft and looking at the seemingly relaxed commander -- I thought about how badass Captain Shunsuke Masaki is and how I wish that the legendary Hiroshi Miyauchi were in GoGoFive for those five episodes! So what episodes did Kenji appear? They were Episode 8, Episode 20, Episode 37 and Episodes 49-50.

The first episode he appeared in was where he appeared as the rival of Professor Tatsumi. Talk about what if Dr. Hoshikawa were rivals with Captain Masaki! He wanted to shut down GoGoFive until he saw the error of his ways. He ended up supporting GoGoFive but that wouldn't be the end of it. I even thought of more episodes where Miyauchi himself could have made an impact as a guest!

Episode 20 was also involved with the Psyma Hell Siblings. He would be a good person to encourage the GoGoFive in their huge crisis. He would probably be at odds with Matoi's somewhat unorthodox Drill Sergeant Nasty approach but that would create an interesting clash that they have to resolve. Eventually, he could end up in the comical scenario in Episode 37 where he wants to match make his own daughter with Matoi.

The final two episodes would probably be an improved version of Exceedraft's rather nightmarish finale. The Exceedraft team had to face against Iwao Daimon who was harassing them mid-series and it turns out he's the dark lord of evil. I don't see any reason why he won't make an impressive supporting role when Grand Bitch Grandienne's disembodied spirit starts taking over the Earth for the finale. He could have made an impression maybe by beating a few Imps while he's rescuing civilians.

What about you? Did you wish he was also part of GoGoFive's minor character list?