Domon's And Honami's Awkward Time Crossed Romance

Well it's time for yet another friendly debate with Shogo B'Stard with his latest post. I may be a fan of Timeranger but no series is without its flaws. One plot I'm pretty mixed is the inclusion of Honami as Domon's love interest who appeared in Timeranger. While I'm somewhat a fan of the time-crossed, awkward romance of Tatsuya and Yuuri -- I find myself pretty mixed when it comes to Honami and Domon as they are pretty much awkward.

Honami appears in episodes 9, 11, 15, 24, 31, 36, 44, 48 and 50. Why she was given more screen time than there should be is unknown. Did they think they needed another love story aside from the rather kiss-slap-kiss relationship of Tatsuya and Yuuri? I tend to view this plot as to be one of the weaknesses of an otherwise great show.

So what's the issue? Honami falls for Time Yellow, think she's Ayase and yet an experience with Domon out of suit made her discover Domon is Time Yellow. Weird? Yes, it's weird. I find this idea of a Dumb and Dumber romance probably a result of executive meddling to avoid Timeranger from becoming too serious. While Jetman had Raita (and to a certain extent, Ako) as comic relief but I felt like Domon as a comic relief is more hit and miss. Raita as a strong yellow wasn't always intentionally goofy. Domon seems to be so stupid I'd probably pull my hair off if I were any of the guys in Timeranger.

The plot itself can go awkward especially in the finale. I don't know when did they even find time to procreate with each other is probably left to the audience to decide. The finale had them having a short reunion before the final battle. One year later, we discover that Honami delivers to full term and has a child she has named Domon Jr. (or in Gokaiger's case, he was named Mirai Moriyama). Tatsuya was last seen with her.

In the Gokaiger continuity (which I'd view as a what-if scenario since most Super Sentai series are meant to be self-contained), episode 40 reveals Domon's son Mirai. Domon also later discovers the son he never knew existed. I dunno what Yasuko Kobayashi ate to actually let both characters produce a child across time. Did Domon just father his own ancestor or what? I find this to be still very awkward indeed.

Worse, Honami seems to be the seed of Kamen Rider Ryuki's even more useless Megumi Asano -- a trainee reporter who did nothing more than stand by and never moved the plot forward. At least Honami later had her purpose as Domon's love interest (though I still feel the show was better off without her). Megumi herself was just there to be there huh?