I'd Like To See Another Time Traveling Super Sentai That'll Teach Kids History Lessons

While I was having a friendly debate with Shogo B'Stard concerning Timeranger -- something entered into my mind while remembering some past seasons of Super Sentai where at least one episode had time travel. Flashman, Maskman, Liveman, Jetman, Abaranger, Gekiranger, Gokaiger (the Timeranger arc) and last year's Kyuranger had some time travel done. Kyuranger had episodes 29-30 as the time travel episodes. Now I thought about as Timeranger's DVD release is coming in -- why not try to look at an old concept and enhance it for this day and age? Kyuranger was able to give me the space themed Super Sentai I wanted to have, it's not exactly what I wanted to have but I enjoyed it for its "unique approach".

So what's my current wishful thinking? If you've tried watching Time Bokan, Time Squad or Back to the Future then you'd probably have an idea of what my ideal Super Sentai is. Time travel was heavily done during Kamen Rider Den-O though IMO it was very hard to follow. I'd like to actually have a time police that doesn't just go back to 1,000 years back in the past but to various time periods -- arresting time criminals who are trying to rewrite history and mess up the fabric of time for their convenience. These rangers are all from a futuristic era from the first to the fifth where they travel across time, bring in some portable headquarters, defeat the enemy and set time right before they set forth to another time period to fix.

My ideal title would be called Time Sentai Mirairanger (a play on the title Mirai Sentai Timeranger). The heroes are set in a futuristic era where they constantly monitor the past as time criminals have escaped, seeking to wreck havoc across the fabric of time itself -- which would destroy their default timeline if it continues on. The organization known as the Historical Protection Bureau is headed by Captain Rogan who recruits five members to fight off a new mafia group known as the Bonehead Mafia. The Bonehead Mafia started off as incompetent crooks but they managed to steal some time traveling technology allowing them to mess with history itself.

The modus operandi is that by default the heroes are set in a space age future where aliens and humans blend easily. My ideal group would involve a rash red ranger, a socially awkward blue ranger, an undecided green ranger, an adorable badass yellow ranger and a pink ranger who tends to be the de-facto leader due to her having the highest level of practicality . These rangers enter into different time eras where the Bonehead Mafia are causing trouble with their utterly ridiculous schemes. This may also involve protecting valuable relics from getting destroyed as the slightest damage could alter history significantly.

What about you? Do you have your own ideas? 


  1. I like your idea but I wouldn't use the Time Police concept again. If I was to remake this theme, I would use your idea where they travel to different time periods but more like Doctor Who Style for the Story, Series Villains, and Series Allies. I would also use this idea for more of an Anniversary type series because the Time Periods that I would choose would be Past Ranger Years.


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