It's Timeranger For Toshiki Inoue's Episodes

I thought I'd never resume with my friendly debate with Shogo B'Stard. Now I'd like to talk about episodes 14 and 22 in one post in contrast to what he did as of recent in his blog. Here's two episodes that may be worth or worth not talking about -- Toshiki Inoue is pretty much either hit or miss which can be seen in these two episodes.

 Episode 14 -- Dead Heat

Want some Inoue tropes here? Misunderstandings! Yes, that's almost the whole problem between Ayase and Mad Racer as well as the Timerangers. I think about some of Inoue's hit or miss humor in this episode if you consider the beginning. The argument between the Timerangers leads to Ayase getting his license suspended (for overspeeding) and I kinda wanted to strangle Domon in this episode. Ayase later figures out his friend Mad Baron has been de-compressed and has become Lila's personal bodyguard.

There was some interesting background story for Ayase and Baron. He testified against Baron's reckless driving which caused the accident of an official's son. What was interesting was that we get to see more of Inoue's love for racing competitions. Did you remember episode 39 of Maskman featuring X-1 Mask or Jetman's early on race match between Ryu and Gai? Yes, Ayase throws in a bet that Baron will leave the Londarz if he wins.

The predictable side is that Ayase loses on purpose. Where did we see that before? Ryu purposely lost against Gai for this reason -- to save a bunch of children who were attacked by Faucet Jigen! Ayase ceases the car to prevent children from getting run over! Baron decides to leave but doesn't realize that the jewelry he's given by Lila earlier had mind control. In the end, they re-arrest Baron so he could continue to serve his sentence.

Episode 22 -- Pink Temptation

Here's an episode where I think was probably hit or miss or some fans. Girl power? Sometimes, I feel like having only one female in the team can either be a good or bad idea. In the case of Timeranger, I just felt mixed when it comes to Yuuri. Maybe, I'm getting too used to seeing more two girls instead of one but one girl is still fine if there's a good script. Yuuri shows how she's also capable of finding ways outside her tough as nails exterior. At the same time, I tend to be superficial in my admiration of this episode such as because Inoue wrote it or the other is pretty much too obvious. =P

This script may or may have not predicted Inoue's burnout during Kamen Rider Kiva. The show had some really weird humor going on. A marriage swindler (who turns out to be a Londarz named Barbera) has managed to influence Tatsuya, Ayase and Domon into falling for her. Sion turns out to be the only smart one among the boys? He may have been kinda naive in earlier episodes but not in this one. He was smart enough NOT to go to the wedding interview with Kyoko. Yuuri also goes to try and take care of a middle aged man's apartment -- after he was duped by the Londarz off his money.

I don't know how to react to the whole Yuuri shows off her charm though -- it also summarizes why I'm always having a stupid reason to like the series. I was far more used to her fighting spirit than her charm. Didn't she deliver a couple of good kicks out of suit? She goes to the gym, gets some treatment and tries to release her feminine side to charm the guys out of the spell. I find it funny (or not) at how the hypnotized boys reacted that Kyoko was actually some alien monster named Barbera. I wish Yuuri delivered a few kicks at Kyoko out-of-suit before transforming though but oh well -- I guess it's screen time constraints! It's possible they did film a lot of out-of-suits that were cut out because they were plot irrelevant.