Lupinranger VS. Patranger Nombre 11: Movie Madness

Bonjour to all my readers! Ses time for another Lupinranger vs. Patranger episode review and my French impersonation hasn't gotten better hehe -- I'll just keep le French minimal as to still make it readable and more obvious I'm just pretending to be a Frenchman in future posts. I'd like to do some more "French mode" posts until I decide to change my mind. I find this episode to be hilarious and creepy as the picture I've placed above. 

Le beginning is somewhat breaking le fourth wall for ce reason. We think it's an actual fight but il isn't. Shouldn't il remind you that filming those those scenes isn't easy? I could imagine how many bloopers could happen if the out-of-suit doesn't happen right -- especially when ses almost really protocol in Super Sentai to fight foot soldiers out of suit before transforming.

It turns out that le Patrangers are in a movie set. Ce reminds me of Timeranger Case 38 where le Timerangers enter into a movie studio. Ses obvious that le Ganglers are involved. Meanwhile...

Le Lupinrangers are tasked with getting some kind of film which is part of le Lupin Collection. Il has been le cause of some unusual incidents which is about to follow...

I don't know if ses funny that Sakuya becomes a woman. I don't even want to throw in le jokes here and my mind is somewhat confused. Is ce funny? Not for the victims anyway. Ses hard to become something you're not isn't it?

Le Lupinrangers arrive and as always, le Patrangers arrive first. I find the idea of the two teams competing against a common enemy to be cette funny -- though it could also lead to confusion.

Le whole scenery gets overly funny. Words can't describe le idiocy of ce scene. Tsukasa is somewhat confused on what to call Sakuya here.

Worse feature in this whole gender flip is the suit suddenly becomes too tight (at least for Sakuya) which is quite strange. So I guess his height is still le same and le spandex can't fit properly? I can't really understand this strangeness here.

Il turn out that le Gangler are planing on making a movie to promote themselves. I think le idea itself is stupid. But what's Super Sentai without some really crazy ideas, right?

We see a bit of flashblack on Sakuya. Keiichiro may be a dumb ox but he encouraged the loser Sakuya to go on. Sakuya was once a loser before he became part of the Patrangers. I just love how ce flashback fits in so well!

Le movie set is another comedic experience as everyone is gender-flipped. It also shows some names like Akira and Tsukasa are both boy's names and girl's names. We see more impressive out of suit fighting before they discover cette le cameraman is Pitchcock. Hmmm... are we paying a tribute tot he late Alfred Hitchcock here?

Le whole fiasco is tagged with le monster. What happens is cette after le Lupin Collection is taken, le Patrangers are returned back to their normal selves.

Added bonus -- I thought we would get a new mecha. It turns out that it was just Hitchcock's powers backfiring. Meanwhile...

I admit, cette is really embarassing. Le short film is making them cringe except for le two imbeciles Keiichiro and Sakuya. This is really real movie madness. You get so mad looking at the movie! Timeranger and Time Force just never got this far with the craziness huh?

Next week, il looks like that le Lupinrangers now have to make adjustments with another piece of jewelry. I can't wait to see le dramatic scene next week. Also, I'll be on vacation for a short time so don't expect the usual Monday post immediately either. Ciao!